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Agreed. So many creators make awesome Vns just to abandon them.

I'm assuming this is at its end... Will there be a second game concerning "The entity" and where hopefully Euryale finds her way back to her son and the angle (forgot her name, my bad)

Do you think you'll port and Android version at all?

Honestly not a fan. The story sounded absolutely amazing but seems like no matter the choice I make Liv and Megan end up together instead of Des and Liv.

You gotta release the next update soon 😂 The end of day 10 has me mad and anxious to see what happens. 😂

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I NEED more scenes between Lyanna and Dianna. Those two are too adorable together! If we get to pick a relationship to form, im definitely going for those 2.

Is this still in production? I only ask cuz it's been a while since last update.

Yeah, seen it with the abandoned tag on the site F95. That really sucks, I enjoyed this one.

So, when you follow the saint path and get hurt and have to make an option of who to treat you, the saint path choice disappears. Also, the ending seems to be the same no matter what. I've gone back and kept the mc from sleeping with his "tenant" and it still ends with them claiming the mc impregnated her which isn't true.

How do I go about getting the choice "I can teach you how" when Hannah and the MC are talking about "adult stuff"? When it gave me the options that ome was red and wouldn't let me click it.

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 It doesn't really effect the game whatsoever, but I figured I'd let you know anyways. During most of the scenes on Android it's like clips of past scenes glitch and layover on to the new ones like this. Of course it could just be a glitch on my end. But, I'm enjoying it immensely! Keep up the awesome work!

So, are you finished with this game?

glad you're feeling better!

The wait for the next updates killing me! 

I look forward to the story and the characters and future choices you give us to control the story! :)

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Would you happen to have any walkthrough mods for Android?

Any clues on the next update?

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Uh oh, I haven't seen the post regarding that. Hope he's okay. I was just wondering about this game too.

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Is this purely a kenetic novel, or will you be adding choices? Either way, I love the story, the art and the characters so far was just curious lol.

MediaFire and Google drive links for Android don't work

Is this completed or still in production?

Discord server link is broken

I'll have to thank you for the APK as well! On my phone for ZIP files I have to download a separate app, open the files and search until I find the APK. It can be quite a headache.

Absolutely love the story, are and characters! Didn't realize you had a page, but glad I found it! Android runs flawlessly. Can't wait for future updates.

Not sure if it's true, but on the site F95 The game unfortunately has been labeled abandoned. I hope it was a mistake, as this game is awesome!

Please tell me this is still in production

Yay! You released a android version! The fact you acceptEd my request just proves to me how invested you are in this game. Thank you!


Will you be porting this to Android at all?

Which link do I download for JoiPlay?

What happened to the original version? I kind of liked it more

Yay! I'm excited to hear that! I've checked back regularly for updates. Between the story, the art and the fact you let us make choices on how the story progresses is really impressive.

Amazing game! I had to play it through a unofficial Android port as that's the device I use, but this is by far MY FAVORITE! I wish more people would make VNs like this one! Keep up the awesome work! Do you think we'll ever get an official Android port through you? If not, it's ok. I'm sure I can find other Android ports for future updates.

So, is this a harem game where you can get with multiple girls? Or must you stick with one path and keep it?

Are all the updates in the Android download? Just wondering cause there's only one link to download

No Place Like Home is one of my favorites! I hadn't realized it was one of your games! I looked forward to updates on it as well!

In the Android version when you click the "Menu" button the Main menu button and the Preference button are overlapping and you can only click the main menu part

ALT CTRL DEL community · Created a new topic Pretty good

Took your advice and tried this one out, and I love the story! I just have one issue, who's the MC? 😂 Making choices for all the characters is kinda confusing lol

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My review of the game so far-

I'll give it a 3.5/5.

The arts pretty good, there's definitely no complaints in that section. The animated scenes are absolutely amazing, as well as the story line. There's definitely quite a few twists and turns that'll catch you by surprise.

The reason I can't give it a 5/5 is the Tips tab that tells you your goals doesn't actually show all the goals. Some side events are required to start the main event, and if you get too far ahead and miss a side events that's required then you're stuck. For example, when you had to tell your sister to no longer lock the bathroom door, I missed that part and got to a quest to sneak in and watch your sister and the princess in the bath, I couldn't because the door was locked. I also couldnt tell her to not lock it with how far I got in the story, so I had to completely restart the game. There are also some side quests you have to do to progress Sadas storyline that don't get mentioned. Another downer in my opinion is you don't really influence the story whatsoever, it basically gives you choices that you have to follow either way. Other then that it's still worth checking out.

Let me know if you end up finding a port for an Android version, I'd love to check this game out!