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In the Android version when you click the "Menu" button the Main menu button and the Preference button are overlapping and you can only click the main menu part

ALT CTRL DEL community · Created a new topic Pretty good

Took your advice and tried this one out, and I love the story! I just have one issue, who's the MC? 😂 Making choices for all the characters is kinda confusing lol

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My review of the game so far-

I'll give it a 3.5/5.

The arts pretty good, there's definitely no complaints in that section. The animated scenes are absolutely amazing, as well as the story line. There's definitely quite a few twists and turns that'll catch you by surprise.

The reason I can't give it a 5/5 is the Tips tab that tells you your goals doesn't actually show all the goals. Some side events are required to start the main event, and if you get too far ahead and miss a side events that's required then you're stuck. For example, when you had to tell your sister to no longer lock the bathroom door, I missed that part and got to a quest to sneak in and watch your sister and the princess in the bath, I couldn't because the door was locked. I also couldnt tell her to not lock it with how far I got in the story, so I had to completely restart the game. There are also some side quests you have to do to progress Sadas storyline that don't get mentioned. Another downer in my opinion is you don't really influence the story whatsoever, it basically gives you choices that you have to follow either way. Other then that it's still worth checking out.

Let me know if you end up finding a port for an Android version, I'd love to check this game out!

Alright, thanks! I know practically nothing about being a dev so I wasn't sure! Lol.

Does the Android have the same content that the Apple etc have? I only ask due to the size difference

I figured it out. I missed a side quest for the threesome with the MCs mom and sister. After that the missions started coming again.

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One of my favorites so far! The characters, story and art is beautiful! I know we had to pass on sleeping with the boss to pass whatever the test was, but will we get an option to sleep with her later on down the line? And I'm probably asking for too much of an inside scoop but does the MC have any powers? I know something was mentioned about his healing capabilities in the newest chapter, but is that really all he has? As much as I love the story, I kind of feel like the MCs a bit useless in the superpower fights lol

Agreed. I've downloaded quite a few that requires it and quite a few that don't. 

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So excited for future updates to this. I made the decision to hold off on the demo until mores released. If I play it now, and enjoy it I'll go crazy waiting for the next update lol.

Oddly enough, I enjoyed this one. Do you plan on making any sequels for it?

From what i was told by another dev I follow, is some RenPry games and others require access to your files in order for them to be able to save your saves (lol). But, without access you wouldn't be able to create any saves. Can't confirm that, but it's what I was told.

Is this still in development?

Where do I find the link for the discord?

Whoops I think I commented this on the wrong game lol

I doubt it, but will you be incorporating a Android version?

As always, amazing work! Look forward to future updates.

Any hints on the next update?

Can't even get past the first scene for Android

Are there any plans for an Android version?

How do I have sex with Sada? I'm at the point where the only hint says "have sex with Hitamu, Yasuko and Sada." I've done the other 2 but can't figure out Sada.

Dang, so all future updates are for Patreon subscriptions only? That sucks. Not because I wouldn't buy it, but Patreon seems to have an issue with my cards and won't let me make purchases.

I'm thinking of subbing on Patreon on payday. I was looking at the most expensive membership and I have no experience whatsoever on discord, but what's the GOLD Discord Role mean?

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Gotta say, I know some wouldn't consider her the "main" girl, but my favorite by far is Ashley. Love her Yandere attitude, and hope we get to see more of it in the future! I rarely sub to Patreon and I know your info says the games free but you deserve it. Considered me subbed on payday. 😂 Plus the custom photos benefits too good to pass on. Definitely getting some of Ashley lol.

I like it, and I'll be adding it to my games that I regularly check on for updates. The only thing that got me was the teacher. When the info said the teacher was a pervert I assumed for the MC lol. Which technically I guess she is. (Thanks for making her an option to get close to) Anyhow, are the updates going to be on strictly Patreon? Or will you eventually be releasing them here free?

What's your page? I can't find it

thanks! I'm on adroid (joiplay) I'll have to experiment and try to figure out the back one.

Not necessary, but could you add a back/skip button?

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V0.18 (Android) crashes when you load your previous save, but you can get around it by starting a new game. Just answer the questions as you played it originally and it starts just fine for anyone who had the same issue.

I figured it out, and I'm thoroughly enjoying the game so far! Had to pull myself away from it 😂 Looking forward to future updates

I'm stuck on Lin. It's said she's had an event for quite some time, and I'm even at the point that I bought her sister and still nothing.


Is the last bit of the game where Juna leaves?

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What happens if you go with Lunette instead of Luce? I went on with Lunettes path for a minute, but didn't seem all that different. After some point does she become a potential wife?

Just caught up on the parts I missed, as always awesome work! Though that ending literally hit you out of nowhere 😂 I thought it kept going, gave me a good laugh lol.

Games so good I just uninstalled and installed the new one lol

Tried following your steps for the Android save fix, but when I get to the "Data" folder it's empty 

Absolutely loving it so far! Between the story, art and characters it's a A+ game for sure! 

Will chapter 2 let us influence the story more, or will it be similar to chapter 1?

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I was obsessed... Until Euryale got taken away from the angel. That killed the game for me sadly.

I hope they find their way back to each other cause those two definitely deserve to be with each other....will there be any more updates?

Is the last part of this update when he goes to speak to Reina and Mana when he asks Mana what she needs to get? Just so I know if I need to update the game lol

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Honestly, this is one of my favorites on this site! Everything from the artwork to the story is absolutely amazing and addictive! I sincerely hope you keep working on this piece of art! 

I'll be patiently waiting for the next update!

(Ps are part 1 and 2 in the same download?)