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it's really fantastic! just like playing hide-and-seek in the Internet, this design is inspiring for me :-D

thx!! Actually in this game, I want to make use of the difficulty in manipulating to  reveal 'out of control', so it's a bit disturbing, and thanks for your advice, we would improve it later!

Thank you for playing and suggenstions! We would revise the sound design in final edition, and I'd love to try your game as well!

enjoy it

Thank you! Your comment is really constructive, and now I'm going to optimize those interactions and the experience!

Thanks for comments! I'm now working out for optimizing the interaction part and narrative ;-)

o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ

never expected the answer is lungs hahaha, great job!

it's great especially its art style! Can't waiting for the released one

it's so beautiful, thank you for those few moments

I don't know whether you are addicted to those abondoned place like me, but I love the atmosphere the game created - the darkness, the silence and yeah the water, the rock, even the typography. Thank you!

I really love the theme of your game - the abyss, no mention to say the art style!!!