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I finally, finally finished this game!  

This was so much fun to play! It was frustrating, but in a good way, trying to figure out how to get all of the endings. Just when I thought I'd have it figured out, it was something else! I even rage quit after being Unprepared a couple of times, couldn't figure out what I could possibly do differently to solve the game...  
It stayed on my mind until I came back a few days later, got the rest of the endings first try and COMPLETED IT! You KNOW you've made a good game when people HAVE to finish it to see what happens!  

The art was beautiful, the game and puzzles were the perfect difficulty - where they're simple enough to understand but need to be figured out properly. The music was really good, the dialogue was really well written, as were the characters. 

You've made an exceptional game here and it was very fun to play! <3 

Played this with my partner and we had so much fun! The game itself was so beautiful, the concept was simple enough that you can start playing immediately, the boss was the perfect difficulty and fun to fight. Thank you for making this! 

What a fun game, thank you for making it! My partner and I were crying from laughing reversing each other around the maps and we had a lot of fun! <3

Thank you so much for making this! The writing with the rock climbers had me laughing out loud, the colours and everything was just so beautiful. I even had a lil tear at the end. I enjoyed it so much, I even went and reclimbed the peak to help out the fox after the credits, which was totally worth it! The pose at the top is also now my wallpaper! <3 

Thank you for making this game! I've been following this game for a while and have been very excited to play it. The art style and colour palette were so lovely and there's very clearly been a lot of research and knowledge gone into the funeral home process; which I really enjoyed learning about! I also really enjoyed learning about all of the etiquette through the newsletter, that was a really nice touch. I only wish that some of the things in the newsletter could have been incorporated; like choosing different outfits and colours for different funerals, dealing with different traditions, maybe being able to sign the book and have some dialogue options with the clients... but hopefully we'll get to see all of these in a sequel!