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happy belated birthday! this was a gut-punch in the best way possible. this felt so similar to my experience with ocd, and i felt seen, even if delightfully uncomfortable. this was very helpful with trying to convey what it generally feels like. i played this with my boyfriend and he said the POV of the narrator felt like someone trying to help someone with ocd out doing simple tasks. terrific game, thank you (:

this was INCREDIBLE for a horror game! i love the aesthetic and story so much, and it's a neat twist on the whole genre of "spooky garfield" stuff. i was expecting a complete meme, but it was way more serious and palatable. as much as i loved the atmosphere and the game breaking the fourth wall, the platforming was a nightmare. it'd be a 10/10 if the cloud jumping with the bats wasn't so infuriating, lol. kudos (:

i didn't get the true ending first so it just hit so much harder having it be the second playthrough ): remarkable story telling experience, and the dreams were really well done! i also appreciate the gameplay loop isn't too repetitive, as if we had to do those extra three days, i'd be bored by the ending, so good call there. kudos!

i wasn't expecting the story to turn the way it did in either playthrough route! i appreciate that both story lines are so individual and it's not just a few flavor text differences. playing both endings really gave a full scope of the situation, this was a treat! (:

i'm blown away! this was an incredible experience, and i enjoyed every moment of it. it spooked me, it made me emotional, and i had a wonderful time. the art style is so refreshing and the music was top tier. kudos!

i had a lot of fun with this! it's a neat concept to have multiple games, and i hope you make more (:

what a treat this was! very fun art style that kept me spooked (:

this sort of felt nostalgic, ngl. really fun, kudos!

i'm stunned, this was absolutely incredible! this was SUCH a great atmosphere and concept, i think this is by far one of the best small indie games i've played. honestly, thank you so much for this experience! also, having it download as just a .exe without needing any .zip files/etc was a really good immersion effect (:

silly little game! thanks (:

another banger! this was incredible (: each tape had a really solid atmosphere, kudos!

incredible for a browser game! there were some genuine spooky parts for sure, and i enjoyed the ending a lot. kudos! (:

i played 'the other side' recently, and while it's the same sort of mechanic, it felt entirely different. i want to know so much more about the lore! i second the comment suggesting an endless mode of sorts, that'd be a ton of fun if you ever wanted to expand on this game (: the ending was HAUNTING, i felt so much dread. kudos!

this used to be one of my favorite maps to take people on vrchat when they would want a horror map (: a classic, kudos!

the art style with the dithering looks absolutely incredible, i'm obsessed with the atmosphere!!! i couldn't help but just keep complimenting how cool it looks. i think backing the camera back a bit would make it feel nicer with the angle being used here, as it's only like half of the screen currently. otherwise, great demo, kudos!

this was surprisingly way more fun to play than i thought it would be! i kinda wanna go back in and play more, ngl xD glad to have finally tried this game, thanks for the experience (: kudos!

so glad to get to another one of your games, this was an absolute treat (: i loved the art style and atmosphere, this was definitely a neat take on the "horror walking sim" genre. can't wait to see more, kudos!

what a neat concept! very great atmosphere (: thanks for the experience, kudos!

this was a delight! great atmosphere and an interesting little food for thought. thanks (:

i severely underestimated this game! i haven't had that much fun on an game (: definitely one of the best i've played so far!!! i also don't usually go after all the endings, but it was too pleasant to not. if there was a phone app game of the cooking minigame on an endless mode, i'd play it in my free time, no doubt. thank you for such a great experience, kudos!

as someone who is directionally-challenged, i felt genuine terror. this was SUCH a good atmosphere, i'd love to see a longer game. the ending kinda killed it, though, i'm sorry to say. otherwise great!

such a great little treat!!! i admit it scared me, LOL thanks for the experience, kudos!

a perfect snack-sized experience! it took me a few tries, but it felt very rewarding when i did get it (: the "tutorial" teaching you for the "test" is a great scheme, thanks for the great time!

this was by far one of the best demos i've ever played. i really enjoy the art style, and how almost everything feels "alive" and has importance, even for a giggle. i haven't impatiently awaited a game in a while, LOL can't wait to see more and hear what the guest musicians will do (: this game and you deserve all of the kickstarter support and more ♡

this is incredible for your age and in two weeks!!! it feels like a vrchat horror world (in the best way possible). can't wait to see what your games look like in a handful of years (:

this was such a fun little experience (': i was spooked, and i laughed. kudos!

nice bite-sized experience (: ngl the guy spooked me lol

merry christmas :)

merry christmas btw :)

merry christmas :)

merry christmas :)

merry christmas :)

the driving section made me an alcoholic

merry christmas :)

there was a genuine challenge to this game if you're a bad shot like me xD very lovely game, more fleshed out than most holiday games!!! kudos

out of all the games i've played/streamed, this one by far stood out. it's clear a lot of passion went into this project, and it was executed beautifully. i'm sitting here after playing it trying to process all i feel, this game is going to stick with me for a while. thanks and kudos!

i'm not usually a fan of being chased in horror games, but once i got a hang of things, it was quite fun! the stamina/sprint bar is a LITTLE rough with how slow the character moves on top of the slow refill, but doable when comfortable with the "map" and items that turned out a lot of cash. i'd love to see the lore be expanded on in future updates.

i can't believe i actually screamed at the jumpscare, lol. a really silly game, but enjoyable for sure!

i'm embarrassed at how bad i was at the controls on stream, omfg. i understand why they're used, as a game inspired by older playstation horror games, it felt sort of nostalgic tbh. i appreciated the "idiot proofing" of some of the puzzles, as i'm not the best at them.

it also made me scream. thank you for an enjoyable little game (:

this game is so silly, but i loved it. i don't ever really *try* to get all the endings in any games i've played, but it was enjoyable getting all of them (: