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I like the cards mechanic and general game concept a lot. After playing for a while I had a couple ideas.

First, there's really no need to separate the cards into 4 piles by suit for locations, events, etc. This seems like unnecessary prep work. I switched to drawing a card from a single pile, ignoring the suit, and looking it up on the appropriate table. When I'm supposed to be drawing a Location card it's a location, when I need an Event it's an event, and so forth.

This led me to think about using the Oracle and Aura decks as the normal card layout. After setting the scene as described, you then draw TWO cards on each turn, one from each deck. Having face cards in the Oracle deck and the rest in the Aura deck gives 30 possible pairs, so each table needs 30 entries instead of 13. This offers greater variety of situations. It also keeps the Oracle and Aura decks available for mid-game questions as per the rules.