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Good job with the game although I wish I didn’t turn back as the monster was right there lmao

Hope you enjoy the video

Ai man thx for making the game

this was nice game is there a update soon here’s my gameplay

Don’t worry about it man it was really fun I hope you enjoyed the video

I really loved the game for the way it was made and hoping for more atmospheric sounds in the game

it was fun really enjoyed it 

Great work on the game although a lil warning next time for the manniquens and sorry if i said one of your names wrong much love coming 

hope you enjoy the video

no problem man keep up the good work

looking forward to see it man 

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this was a really cool game i hope to see more just keep making more and i would love to see a sequel to this Hope you enjoy the video

Also kinda struggled to get one of the pieces at 1:35 just look into it

included it in my 3 Best atmospheric games it really was good

I included this game in my top 3 Best atmospheric games 

No problem man it was good just keep making more I really enjoyed the game 

thx man that means a lot 

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The game was nice well made and I loved the 4:3 ratio but I didn’t know that you had a flashlight which made it harder for me to see but here’s my let’s play

If you watch through out the video I get stuck in a place where it’s inescapable 

The game was good but at some point the lag got a bit intense but overall it was great

I got stuck in the end although it was a pretty fun game to play keeo it up
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i really enjoyed the game and the ps1 style please do work on the part 2 and i hope you enjoy the video i put for you 

be sure to sub if you enjoy

this was really good game sadly it ran a bit slow on my laptop but still enjoyed it even though didnt get too far, just keep up the good work

loved the game but lost and WHY DO FISH HAVE LEGS

loved this game its a lot similar to the second one but glad i was able to see another fnaf game , also hope you enjoy the video

i enjoyed the game really expecting for more keep it up 

heres my video hope you enjoyed 

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I loved the game really well made hoping for a longer one soon  with the same style like this  do enjoy the video and feel free to subscribe

This was a pretty good game although i kinda wish the character was a bit faster but still good keep it up 

A very good game the first jumpscar gave me a shock 

keep up the work man, Also hope you like what i made 

This game was really fun and i really enjoyed making this video becuase of it 

if you like how i did be sure to sub

seriously loved the game it was amazing for my content hope you enjoy 

starts at 5:10

this was really cool a bit short but definetly got me a couple times hope you enjoy 

video starts at 3:08

this game was amazing i would've completed it if i didnt panic a lot

but hey it was pretty fun for me and my content let me know what to improve

this game was really scary and amazing fot my youtube do check out 

and subscribe

this game was really cool i wasnt able to do much but still well made just had to put in my content

This was really well made for a 23mb game keep up the work 

heres my video hope you enjoy

this was a really cool game hope to see even more from you so i can keep making content 

dont stop making games 

amazing Game hopeing to see more keep it up love to have more like this for my channel