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Much of the UI gets cut off on other resolutions than 1920x1080, which was really annoying. Other than that, good work!

Yeah, if you add a zip file ill play it

Installers are not transparent. If I download a ZIP file, the files in the zip are the only files for the game, and they can be easily removed. An installer can install whatever it wants to whatever directory, so I tend to not want to run them unless I fully trust the source :P

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The resolution scaling does not work properly, and the head bob made me motion sick ):

This game is HARD haha! I had a lot of fun playing it.

Music sounds great, but it a bit loud and I didnt know how to turn it down. Really good rhythm game mechanics, but I didnt understand how it fit the theme tbh.

Good work! This was a lot of fun!

This was a really fun entry to play.

The mechanics were intuitive, fun and encouraged thinking ahead. I really enjoyed playing it. My only wish is that the audio was mixed a little nicer, and more sounds were added. The jump sound was very loud compared to the other sounds.

Good job!

You need to include the data files along with the executable. This will not run.

"UnityPlayer.dll required to run".

You need the data files, not just the executable.

I would play it, but I would much rather download an executable for the game than an installer.

The rewind mechanic was actually quite interesting, and well made, but it doesnt mesh very well with the shooting mechanic.

Enemies are far too easy to kill, and so many spawn that killing waves and waves over and over is quite uninteresting, and repetitive. The rewind mechanic was actually pretty cool!