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1) New level lags really bad even on low quality graphics.

2) Some buildings won't squish.

3) There is also some type of popping sounds on the guantlet levels, I think it's the voices.  

4) Please bring back around the lake level and other old levels.

5) You can fall through the world on the straight guantlet level. (used furry giantess, happens very rarely (happens if your very close to her foot.) Cars also go through the floor. 

6) You can get blocked in by cars if they fall right, recommend adding jump in.

I think you should release it without the sound and add a patch later for the sound.  its better than us waiting.

That update is not out yet.

Game has potential.  I am hoping for more levels,  more effects ... footprints more things that can be stepped on.  

Here are a list of bugs i found so far.

1) flattened cars can be pushed by people
2) flattened cars sometimes stand straight up, (they are climbable when this happens)
3) settings don't save
4) game spawns player improperly sometimes (hard to repeat) Looks like it spawns at the end?
5) can't change settings after you die.  There is also two main menu buttons. Appears to be a menu issue.