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Honestly a great game. Amazing gameplay and great story. Personal opinion of mine to skim through and skip aura's irl story line (not too interesting to me), but great characters all around. Works fantastically technically and on all platforms. 

Highly recommend to everyone 

Cool game, related to "my apartment"

Just finished the current version, and I have to say I love the way you made helen, just the bed. very good 馃憤  I got sucked in to feeling the embarrassment the main character did aswell lol.

Ah thank you, It works exactly as you said. 

I made the mistake of clicking fullscreen on mac and ever since then i havent been able to open it, even if i delete and redownload the game.

Yep after downloading the mac version on a mac all you get is a file with a bunch of images and the audio files. no game.

I cant seem to find that in the library or anywhere, could you perhaps write the path you took to get there from the start on mac?

On Mac I had to get it to work by going in package contents, content, macOS, and clicking the executable there.

On Mac, how do you download this game instead of just the art pack

On Mac after downloading and extracting I get a file with a bunch of images and audio and nothing else, anyone else have this problem? how do I play the game itself?