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This is a fun and extremely challenging take on Snake. I can confirm that it works just fine on NTSC hardware.  Tested on a C64c using 1541 Ultimate II+.  It is super fast though and just as frustrating as the description would have you believe.  After 10 minutes of playing my high score is still only 20 and I only get points on about 25% of games.  They should use this game for response time training!  All in all it is definitely worth a play!

I bought this without hesitation seven minutes after the e-mail hit my inbox this morning.  It was a few hours before I had a chance to play it but it was worth the wait. I have been looking forward to this game for a while, and was only concerned that it would be too much like the original.  I didn't need to worry.  There are plenty of new enemies and twists that make it worth buying and playing.  It is definitely a sequal to the first game but the new challenges make it fun. I have gotten through the first 3 levels on easy and look forward to seeing what else the game has to offer!

This is a great game!  Works perfectly on my Plus/4 but it seems to hang on my expanded C16.  Does anybody else have this problem?

This game is awesome! I tested it on original hardware using a harmony cart and it works great. The only issue I have noticed is that if you end with a highscore in the 10,000s it it chops off the 1 on the highscore in the subsequent games. (ie if you get a 15,520 your high score will show up as 5,520).  I have been playing this a lot over the last 2 days and there are some combos of moves that I know are possible but that I almost always fail on.  I'll get them!

I will add to the comments requesting an NTSC version!