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would like if i could draw directly on the preview or see a grid/highlight where my cursor is on that grid, as it is it's pretty hard to intuit where im drawing although i guess that might be my browser? or an intended experience of using the tool. it's still really cool regardless

ADORED it - the tuesday part in particular was a fun surprise. would love to see more stuff like this

dialog hangs like. a full second for every line or ellipsis - not sure if this is intended behavior but it REALLY builds up. platforming is fun though!

oh i absolutely loved it!!! compressed the weird feeling generated by miscellaneous horror rpg maker games you find on the web into a tiny little package masterfully. i liked the color pallet too. the music was slightly loud but did a lot for the ambiance, and honestly i can probably chalk the loudness up to my own bad volume settings

yo i... adore this, and my friends adore this, and any effort to do anything like spore but good is an incredibly noble one. i'm not sure if this is the correct method/place for bug reporting but the tutorial stops responding after the part where you're told to push the play button, and it looks like there's a lot more tutorial to go judging by the greyed-out levels next to it. is this intentional? again, thank you thank you thank you for wonderful game.