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Turns out he is nearly not as much of a douche when you're romancing literally anyone other than Kol. Good to know.

I swear to God Nasir will catch these fucking hands if he doesn't shut up sometime soon. He's so goddamn annoying and immature.

Wait, they dropped this? Not even sure why I am surprised at this, to be honest. Every time I see a promising and interesting project, it inevitably falls into ruin. Disappointed for the nth time, I guess.

Plus what I am getting from the replies is that they didn't even refund their backers on kickstarter? If that's the case, it's really low.

Nyargh is such a sweetheart? I love him so much! Initially I didn't really want to play his route since I couldn't even understand what his body was supposed to be (it put me off, lol), but after playing it, I adored him the most. Of course Yiestol and Brattan are sweethearts too, but Nyragh has a special place in my heart.

Purba really intrigues me! Wish there was a way to explore his character more. I wanted to learn more about him, his past and his character and what ultimately led him to his power hunger and genocide.

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i would let blood god murder me again any day. the mc's reaction was really similar to mine when i first saw blood god. if my god looked like that, i would worship him every single second of my life.

the barista (or something? the dude who gives u cake) was also such a cutie ugh. i can't have enough of this game tbh.