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Seems the account was deleted, good stuff!

Thank you for sharing, that's so annoying :/

The tileset is based on this Ruletile:

Good luck with that project! 

You are free to use these assets for commercial use yes.

The background is made with the same assets you download on the pack.

I cannot help with that, you will need to do your research like everyone does, there is multiple tutorial videos on youtube and websites around.

Glad you enjoy!

Hi, this asset pack is free to download, you don't need to pay anything, personally, I just sliced it inside Unity, but each game engine has its own tools for slicing.
The tileset should be sliced by 512x512, and the rest just slice automatically.

Yeah sure, you can use it on your commercial game, it was done in clip studio paint and photoshop.

Its hard to tell, it just depends on how much free time I have, more or less a tileset like this takes 40 hours to complete aprox.

Hi ! Thank you! I do want, I actually have some ideas for new tilesets, probably some ancient ruins tileset ( I actually have prototype designed ) but was not that happy with it, so stopped the production. Still, I don't have much time left after work so it's being a slow process.

Glad you like it!

Hey! Of course, you can mix the assets with others, use them as references, or even edit them.

Hi, placing them inside the sprite atlas usually fixed the problem, are you trying on a build/game window? The seams will appear on the editor window, but not on the build.

Hi, I do not have the Unity project anymore.

Hi! Glad you enjoy the assets, I dont really do personal requests at the moment.

Hi ! This asset will never be paid content, its meant to be free for ever, so dont worry about that, as long as you give me credit on your tutorial and a link to the asset profile I am fine with it.

That looks great by the way!

Glad you found how to make it work.

Yeah no idea about where to find character packs, I believe there is some stuff on the Unity store, you can also try to hire a student artist on Fiverr or a similar platform.

Hi! you can place a giant plain colour sprite with low opacity over your background elements. for example, I used a giant rectangle with a transparent brown over my background to give the foggy appearance.


Hi! You have permission to use the assets, with no restriction.
Regarding character, no, I don't have character sprites, but any non-pixel art character will probably work with this.
And regarding discord support, I cannot do that.

Glad you enjoy it!

That may have been a lot of work to edit all frames!

Thank you :)

Thanks! :)

Hi ! Thanks for pointing that out, I updated the enemies file, and it now includes the green slime.

Hey! I checked it yesterday, will probably play it on the weekend, thanks for sharing :)

There are no tiles on this pack.
The rest of the decorations just slice automatically.

Hi, there is no tiles in this asset pack, are you sure you are replying on the correct page?

I also really like this one too! Never thought of doing an exterior invironment

That looks so great, you mixed all my assets together and created your own, awesome!

You can place over your background sprites a giant sprite of a plain colour, in my case was some blue with transparency, this will give the blue tint the sprites have, then I applied depth of field effect to blur them(post-process) on a second camera that will only render the background. But yeah that is pretty much, you can experiment with other post processing effects like vignette, bloom.....

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! Would love to see your game 

Glad you like it!

SaberTooth Studios has full permission to use my art assets on the TSA competition.

The blur is achieved with a post-processing stack inside Unity, while the Fog effect (light blue) was just achieved with a big light-colored square sprite with reduced alpha over the tileset.

Thank you! That's good to know!