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Ludum Dare took our attention away for a bit, but I'm working on an update.

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I saw. Thanks for trying it out. The updated version is here, if you want to give that a shot:

Thanks for saying! We are already making plans to continue working on the game, so send us any suggestions you got.

Hold shift, and when you reach max speed double jump.

Friend of mine had the same issue trying to play it on Chrome. It worked when he used a different browser.

Excellent idle game. Really draws you in as it goes along.

I've been getting lag spikes instead of delay, but yeah the way this was optimized would need a total reworking for any more browser-playable versions in the future.

I'm glad you liked it. I'm working with a group now that's considering turning the prototype into a full game, but before that can happen we've got a lot of other projects to dig through. In the meantime, I'm working on another prototype that I hope you'll also look forward to.

That's strange, I haven't seen that issue before. The game hasn't been updated since I first posted it. I'm really not sure what would cause that. It could be an input-lock sort of thing, in which case try tapping on the down arrow and S keys multiple times while pausing and unpausing. If it's what I think it is, that should fix it.

I noticed it was a bit tame while making it, that was another reason I decided to keep the debug menu. Thanks for saying and for the video, it's real nice.

I am considering developing it more later on. For now though I have other ideas I want to work on.