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Thank you very much for the kind words. I'm glad that you enjoyed the game. And Lucy and Firky would make a nice couple, yeah. I really want to develop their relationship further in the future, when I find the time. 
(I swear, I've gone back and fixed grammatical issues a dozen times but it's like new ones just pop up. Glad it wasn't a bother.) 

I've added your game to my collection, so I will be sure to give a try soon. It looks very interesting :) 

Thanks again for the comment! Sorry for taking a while to get back to you.

Wow, hey, what's this? A video! 
That's awesome. Thanks a lot for doing that and for playing :D 

Well, I gotta yell ya', this is a very insightful review. I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts on the game in such a constructive manner.

I'm glad to hear that you felt the story was handled in a convincing and mature way, as this was, of course, my main-goal.
And on top of that, you've definitely given me something to think about in terms of fixes in future updates. 

But maybe pinceone is just an exotic fruit you've never heard about? Maybe my spelling was perfectly okay. Maybe I did nothing wrong.
Or maybe I will fix the alleged typo right now and thank you for pointing it out. Who knows? (Thank you.) 

I know it sounds weird to say this but I do agree with you about the "Jordan preaching". I was actually very focused on not making the game preachy or dogmatic, but as I was trying to get certain points across, I slipped a little. The scene has actually been re-written twice, but I can see how the latest rewrite added a little too much of the things I was trying to avoid. I will keep this is mind.

Thanks for the great comment. Very helpful and kind of you!

The thing I'm most amazed with, is the amount of bone puns.
It's actually quite impressive.
But! The game.

The game feels quite fresh in its style and story. It has some fun characters that have a personality, with some cheeky dialogue. Combat, while not extremely complex, is not by any means a let down. Having played a lot of games in the RPG Maker engine, the whole game feels rather unique.

So, really well made! I had a skele-ton of fun :D

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Spooky! The game has a nice (creepy) atmosphere and you're in suspense through the whole game.
Gaining control of different characters throughout, works really well.
The game ends quite abruptly, though, leaving you wanting more. Do they survive? Who is the monster and that ghost girl? Hopefully there will be more in the future! :)
All-around solid horror game.

Really appreciate your wonderful comment! I'm glad that you had a positive experience with the story. 
And don't be sorry. The relationship between Lucy and Firky is a big part of the story and it's something I actually want to go deeper into, if I were to develop another game featuring those two. 

I don't have plans to make any major updates to this game, such as new endings, but again, I do have some ideas for future games. 

Thank you for giving my game a shot and leaving a comment. It's great support! :)

Very entertaining game and nice art style. I can definitely tell a lot of work went into this, so with this amount of passion, I'm really looking forward to updates :)

Hello! I just tried out your game. 

I haven't gotten too deep into it yet, but I found it very fun so far. The combat works well with the skills and everything and the world is just waiting to be explored. I found that sometimes when I picked up an item, the character would say "Bread!" but the pop-up would say "Iron Sword", but other than that, everything seems to be working fine.  

Very nice job! :)