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Hi. I’m planning on making a Nonogram/Picross puzzle book, can I use your icons for this purpose?

You will be credited obviously.

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Only the light version works. The dark one gives the same error.


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I didn't change anything. I installed the theme and when I tried to apply it this error popped up. I even tried with a fresh copy of Aseprite without any extension or script installed.

I installed the theme but when I try to apply it, this error pops up. I'm using Aseprite 1.3-rc4 on Mac.

I played the 8192 version on gba and it is amazing. Please port this version too.

Thank you for the quick fix.

Hi, the update is amazing, but I have a problem that makes the game unplayable. Every time I finish playing and I have to insert the name it locks itself on that screen and stays that way until I reset the game and it doesn’t save.

The game is really funny. I have a suggestion. You could add a timed mode of 5, 10 and 15 minutes where you try to make the most points in that time.

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Try this, it’s a guide to solving these types of problems.

Right click on it then click open, it should open normally the next time you play it.