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no probs. I just died 5 times on level 1 so I gues it was just a lucky seed. Sorry I don't have the seed number. I think the main thing was I got enough good cards that the enemies became fairly trivial. Mind you level 3 was definitely harder so maybe I was just having a good run.

Totally see what you mean about the voice - you don't want is the same 15 clips playing over and over again. I was thinking something more like bastion but pared down - at key moments or triggered by certain events - you wouldn't hear the same sample more than once per run, maybe less than that, but at key moments like encountering a boss 'who's this hairy gadge?' or with a certain no of enemies on screen 'there's nay shortage of these fellas' - stuff like that. If you had enough so you rarely heard the same thing again, maybe with some super rare ones, it would be a way of keeping the experience fresh through multiple playthroughs.

Loot Rascals community · Created a new topic Feedback

Hey guys, I've been looking forward to this since the preview on PC gamer a few months back. Had a play yesterday and really enjoyed it. A bit of feedback for you:

Love the style, gameplay mechanics (especially the card system) and the teapot guy is the best game character I can remember for a long time.

Is it a bit easy? I died on my first game due to not understanding the fight mechanics, 2nd game went straight through to level 3 (and got through most of it) without much difficulty, hardly using powers, then died because I didn't see a sniper target. Admittedly I've only played those two games so far, but I usually think roguelike games should be turning the screws way before you get halfway through, challenging you to creatively problem solve with the mechanics.

Bit more info on what the powers do (e.g. turns/range for the ghost, effect of freezing an enemy during a fight) would be good in-game - maybe on the card (or flip side of the card?).

More teapot guy dialogue, he's brilliant. It would be great if he popped up (radio?) while walking around making comments when you kill a bad guy, get hit etc. He's really the soul of the game for me.

This is a tiny thing, but I thought the occasional robot effects on teapot guy's voice during the intro got in the way - like the whole thing of him is his down-the-pub ordinaryness, juxtaposed with psychedelic scifi. It's a nuance/taste thing but found it detracted from this slightly.

Cheers guys keep up the good work, looking forward to the finished vers.