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get good

There's no reason to, so no. The older versions are just the same thing with less content. No secrets or anything got removed.

Sometimes your antivirus may try to delete the files as it detects them as a virus for some reason, which I can assure you it isn't. I've had the same problem with a bunch of games too. I just kinda turned off a setting that auto-deleted files.

They're just the same thing with less content. I'm creating v.5 right now which will include a chapter 2 for the game! So the next update will practically double the game :)

The Halloween version is a simple re-skin of version 4. With some minor changes such as saying "Chapter 1" at the start.

I wasn't inspired by Bunnyfarm. I didn't even know what Bunnyfarm was until releasing the first demo of the game. I was inspired by games like Alphabet Park, Jumpstart Games, Petscop, and Doki Doki Literature Club. Any similarities to Bunnyfarm are completely coincidental. It is really odd how similar they are though, because now everyone is just going to think I copied something else which just wasn't the case.

What about the story is similar? I can’t think of a single thing that is. The Walten Files has people being stuffed into animatronics at a pizza place and Petscop, yeah I don’t really understand the story of Petscop. It’s cool vibes though.

Just re-load the game, the crash image is intentional.

Your Keyboard doesn’t have arrow keys? I’ve never seen a keyboard without them. I may add WASD and Controller support in a future update then. :)

Peter is already voiced by the youtuber "zachbealetv" sorry lol. Also slowdown could be due to the game not running at full speed. It looks like your game was running at full speed. Also Margret's minigame dragging on a lot longer than expected was actually intentional to build up to the jumpscare in a subtle way :)

The next update v.4 tones down the static a bit. It also has some other graphics in case the game is running too slow. I will release it soon :)

Yeah, the game may run slow on not very powerful computers due to the VHS Filter Shader. The minimum specs I've tested the game on is and Intel Core i5, RTX 2060, and 16GB RAM.

Lol, I love that :D

The game surprisingly requires a bit of a powerful computer to run at 60fps due to the VHS filter. I use a intel core i5, RTX 2060, and 16GB Ram and it runs perfectly. I'm not sure what the minimum specs are though.

Thank you so much for playing my game! :)

I could probably add a Spanish subtitle version. I'd need a translator though since I don't know Spanish at all :) I could use google translate but I've heard it's not the most reliable.

Yes, because the game is not currently finished, the game "crashes" after collecting 3 Bonus Stickers :) 

1.) Sometimes Andy doesn't talk :)

2.) The third fish is easy to get, no one else has had much of a problem with it from videos I've seen, however I could make it easier.

3.) I'll have to test that one, oops.

4.) Just tap the space bar and it should be able to move again

5.) Yes, this is intentional

6.) You can get through there, it's just secret. There's videos online of people getting through it :O

7.) I've fixed a lot of text issues in the v.3 update already

8.) Okay yeah this one is a bug, I need to fix it.

This was intentional as well, It was actually a funny reference to other arg's.

I'm definitely going to add more secrets to find. So stay tuned

(Some, if not most, of the glitches are intentional. The game is sort of designed in a way to be unfinished and broken) 

I'm so glad you love the game though! I should be updating it soon! Probably around next week! :D

What do you mean new characters? Like more minigames?

Ooo-wee! looks like you've found a secret ;)

The game crashes on purpose after collecting two bonus stickers, as the other two minigames aren't playable yet.

Thank you so much for playing my game! Stay tuned as more updates will come in the future :)