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im almost done, you mind adding me on discord (m1k3devs) so i can send you the assets?

aight cool

ive improved a lot regarding art 💀

yo plasol 

since i cant really find you on discord (lost my old acc) , I was wondering if I could remake all of the art for this so we can remake this game :>

cool but clean ur damn itch page bruv (use grid mode)

Uh i made the font myself so you can check it out in my itch. Sorry for the very late response but i am glad i helped!

would you mind telling ppl on Dani's that im trynna get the acc back

Dude if ur reading this my discord acc got disabled cuz i joked about being 5 years old

Cool little game tho it glitches quite a bit, the hitboxes are quite wanky

i just remembered these exist

Will make sure to note it in the next jam, im kind of new to making these

Yep its fine

Noted for the next jam i will make, sorry guys

The games will not be ranked, i removed that

You can, ofc

Thanks for joining the jam!

Looks awesome!

Thanks for joining and submitting to the jam

Good job! I can see where the inspiration came from ;)

No problem!

Thanks for joining the jam!

Awesome game, love the art, sfx, and the itch page! Also really cool usage of the upside down theme ;)

and also game jam ;)

Yooo, happy that this was your first game and jam, really cool :D

not .7z or .rar

yes ofc, if you are compressing it, has to be .zip tho

Chill, some people take time, that is the point of this jam mate

Well it is kinda your preference, you can make devlogs and i find that quite cool :D

You can add them in the credits if they are fine with that.

Of course you do not need to use all of the themes, but you must pick at least one :)

Yep! Sorry for the late response, i do be like that but the Discord server is

(1 edit)

Oh, about that, it is just to kind of objectively see how good is the jam game

Should i make it unranked?

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I love it, the online dungeons and the few dungeons that are "official", well done!

oh damn i just noticed the date on the comments

Yooooo that is a sick ass game, i am genuinelly impressed that this thing came from the game engine i use :p

lemme fix it rq

oof yeah ive been told that


Ohhh it is ok, i didnt want to remove your game so i just kind of let you figure it out 😉