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Looks interesting, I like the old Quake/PS1 'Look' .. Im REALLY interested if you can create your own BSP files to load into and use ...

Shame, i could do with a good, small font ..   :)

Hey, Where did u get the ThickPix2 font from .?

Aww.. Noticed you had updated it recently, hoped you had given us the source code ..   :(

Yeah, Its a shame because its a good solid asset ..

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Its been 5 months since release, can us Non Patreon Followers/Fans get the GMS2 Source Code Now ..?? Plz .

Is this ABANDON WARE now ..?

Its not been interacted or updated in a year with still
'TO COME IN THE FUTURE:' in its listing,

while poor people are still buying and asking ignored questions..

while also, the GMS2 'version' is a sloppy import of the GMS1.4 version..

very poor to be still cashing in on this ...

at least make it free now .. ffs ...

Completley understand, .. Its good knowing that other people/devs understand .. 👍

Arclands community · Created a new topic Looks Awesome ..!

Been following you and Arclands on twitter for a while ... 

Its looking awesome,..  take your time,.. Roll on the Release Day..

Could I have that key please ..?

Not a Prob .. Enjoy your Holiday ... !!

Yeah, Im just getting this on the purchase page..

Ive got it through Itch, but its not on the purchase page, if u wouldnt mind sending me one, theres no rush if u are busy on holiday though ...

So, how do we claim the steam key..?

"Future updates will also reflect user requested changes, so let me know what you would like to see in the future!"

... ANIMATIONS..!! ...

* UPDATES PLANNED EVERY FEW MONTHS!  Buy it once, more content will be added through time! *

Its been 6 months already, without anything.. not even a message update of any kind...

Really Disappointed with this, .. I Glad i didn't buy it .. Shame ...

Its not a problem, Ive bought it anyway .. Ill add my own 'Twist' to your engine! :)

I was 'Sat on the Fence' about buying this as id rather learn how to make a 3D Doom Clone than Add to another Engine, but noticing that its the fraction of the price thats
on the YoYo Marketplace, I decided to buy .. The future updates look exciting too .. Saveing and loading should be a great addition.. Good Luck!

Cheers, Ill keep checking back..!

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REALLY Interested in this, Any chance u telling us what u have planned for the updates.?

Basically, im after the 'Player' with a gun/guns .. if u can guarantee this will be added, ill buy! :)