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it not great but i really like mine :)

how many Gregorys are there? I've been playing the game for about 2 hours and they don't seem to end


great love it so much will play it a second time

put the $1 one that says "help unlock ___ series" in the "place toy here" then put in $2 the do the same w/ the $2 gacha but then put in $3

really fun

Thank you!

:) it took me a while to get there!


It's really well made but it moves to fast

What's the multiplier for?

I got a straight line :D

I really liked this although it was a bit boring just walking around

they're so easy to read tho

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It took me so many tries!

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I wish there was a game mode where you could do infinite

it is a very very good game tho

It is offensive though

This is really fun!

Every time the whipped cream with eyes is above or on  the recipe thing it won't let me click it

the controls don't work :(

I really like this game!

Your welcome

here's a good one

I wish there was a happy one :(

It took me a long time to figure out how to finish it but I finally did it was a good game.

This is really fun!

Ok! thank you!

What do the music notes do?

You too!

I really like this it's super fun!

This is really fun

this is fun!