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Thank you ;) I recently been working with AI and thought it would make it much more "in frame" with the scenery, giving it a bit more life.

bread easter egg

bread gang

Made a some changes to the lighting, no more shadows from the characters, to improve performance, need feedback on the performance on the last levels

Looks like a fun platformer and the music fits really well

Hi! First of all thank you for the feed back! 

Most of the games are just prototypes of the ideas from game jams and do not really have a goal/objective to finish.

The MetalNando was made with a group of colleges and didn't made it to the real "gameplay" part that was supposed, without sounds or the "boss fight", just showing off the first intention of the game.

Dividia and Duality were made for game jams and followed a theme word, made in just a weekend and with a team of colleges. Also only prototypes that lacked most of the gameplay mechanics necessary, just showing the general game idea.

Crystal Experiment its on Hold for the moment, just published it as a first-playable version of it. The concept is that the single objects that you could find around in the game world can me mixed with each other making new objects/compounds that were necessary to unlock the next floors that also have more objects. With all the levels unlocked the player would have to bring a set amount of each compounds to the center like you did to finish the game, having to solve other problems like enemies and puzzles. 

The others were some of my first games. The only one that i wanted people to play was Weird Quest, being a text-adventure running on console and actually finished, really short and re-playable. I'm gonna change the download for this one.

I subscribed already and don't mind the video at all :)