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Bruh, I played plenty of visual novel games. And this s by far the best game I had ever played. I love the sense of humor and unpredictable plot twists in this game. 

If you need help regarding Linux testing, let me know. I'm on Arch linux

I second him. We need linux.

That was so fun and original. I would love to see more of this

Very creative and original idea. Nice job on the execution too. Make more!

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Hello. This game looks interesting and intruiging. I'm on linux and I wanted to give this game a try. I can try to run windows games but I don't want to pay for the game and to find out that I can't even run the game on linux under windows emulator. (money is no issue, but I just thought maybe ill ask because why not)

either way, the game holds huge potential and keep it up

OOOH MY GOD. I had to make an account just to express how much this game made me feel at the end. I never had anything in my life that made sent shivers down my spine like this game did to me. I love it sooo much and I highly recommend it for everyone to play it. Thank you for the amazing experience. You my friend have inspired me to try to express myself via games and stories like this.