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acho que a textura ajuda muito. Fazer a sombra na textura junto com a iluminação do render da um efeito mais interessante. 

Cara, não sei se consigo explicar com clareza. Eu tento fazer o máximo possível na mesma mesh antes de adicionar novos objetos. Agora os detalhes do modelo vieram com experiência, esse no caso foi um dos últimos que fiz. 

I just think they are both interesting in their own way. While both use electricity as the damage source, they interact in very different ways with the enemies and the player. Maybe yours could have a chain effect, hitting multiple enemies and the player if they're all clustered up. Mine is more about constraining movement and slowing down whatever walks through the lightning arch.

Very cool scene and great work with the limited colors. Nice!

That's a great way to rememeber her. Good job!

Great texture and awesome concept!

The result is incredible! Well done!

Very playful scene. Nice!

Great texture work!

I had one not quite like this model, but still brings up memories. Awesome work!

An iconic shot. Nice one!

Ah, the loaf. A classic. Well done.

Amazing work! Really love this one.

Flawless execution and really cool result!

Thanks! I felt pretty safe going for it after they got the show :D

Yes, I could barely fit the texture in.
However it is very poorly optimized. I'm sure if I were more patient, I would've been able to make the whole body from a single mesh, saving a bit more space.

Thanks! Feels good to be back :D

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Eu me amarro! Robô gigante!

Lovely little details all around the scene. Nice job!

Love the cloud texture! Great work!

awesome texture work with the lava, looks really good!

It is awesome the stuff you do with such small textures and details. Noice!

Looks very organic and natural. Well done!


Love their expressions! Nice one!

Thanks! What was pushed in this model was just the actual model size, as some objects were almost off the render bounds. Had a fair amount of space left, but didn't want to clutter the scene with random stuff, neither had time to do so.

Love the sunset gradient! The force is with this one!

The way you build scenes without a skybox is impressive. Great stuff!

Outstanding work! The angle of the scene and the animation are so well thought. Kudos!

Very good result with a minimalistic approach. Nice job!

Love the cartoonish feel!

Thanks a lot!

Very detailed, good job!

Stumbling on one of those would be a caloric explosion.

I like how simple yet mesmerizing it looks. Awesome!

Very nice job! For me it is obvious that rayman is edible.

Love de little mouse, ratatouille vibes. Great composition as well.

No mistake with pancakes!

Lovely scene! Good Job!