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Mateus Bergamin

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Love the sunset gradient! The force is with this one!

The way you build scenes without a skybox is impressive. Great stuff!

Outstanding work! The angle of the scene and the animation are so well thought. Kudos!

Very good result with a minimalistic approach. Nice job!

Love the cartoonish feel!

Thanks a lot!

Very detailed, good job!

Stumbling on one of those would be a caloric explosion.

I like how simple yet mesmerizing it looks. Awesome!

Very nice job! For me it is obvious that rayman is edible.

Love de little mouse, ratatouille vibes. Great composition as well.

No mistake with pancakes!

Lovely scene! Good Job!


Ew, I love it!

Awesome texture!

Very nice scene and full of details!

lol Fantastic!

Nice animation! Good one!


OMG the socks! lol

Thanks! Glad that you find it helpful.

Amen. Thanks!

This looks so good! Well done!

Best concept imo! Kudos.

Awesome result with such a minimalist approach! Nice job!

"O LORD, bless this Thy hand grenade, that with it Thou mayest blow Thine enemies to tiny bits, in Thy mercy."

I love the tiny details you put in there. Great work!

The blood looks so good! Great work!

Nice job with the light beam and the color limitation!

This is over the top! Outstanding work, mate!

YEah, the toy art style really fits the model. Also, nice job with the outline. Good stuff!

Awesome texture work! The end result is impressive!

lol it feels like a pet bunny messing the DnD session! Great work!

Slice and dice!

Aren't cars just modern day horses? Nice work, elements proportions gave it a lot of character.

Lovely texture!

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Praise the sun!