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Anal sex with Linda in the future? Sure... Group Sex, probably not.

Maybe yes, maybe no, I don't have a right answer on that yet.

Definitely yes, her story will be further developed soon.

The public release is November 5.

The artwork where it shows the MC with his injured leg and Brittany on his side.

You can start a new game and generate a save game with everything from the previous builds completed, go to the options and put the name that you had in the save that you lost, it is the only solution. (PS: Doing this does not unlock the scenes in the gallery, you have to do them again.)

There will be no more updates, the game is finished.


No, maybe in the future, we never know...

No, the game is finished.

No, it is not the final update, it is far from the end, it will have new characters.

Whoa! Thank you very much for the tip and your words, you can be sure that this game will have a long life and giant tits!!!

Thanks ;)

At the end of February.

I was changing the file, before I was with the zip version because I was without space to upload, now my limit has been increased, so I'm uploading the file without being zipped.

Look at your phone, if there no "???", means you already completed the build.

Soon, real Soon