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Glad you like it! Thank you for following, you'll definitely see more content coming from us!

An overwhelming experience. 10/10

I'm sorry to say, you died right at the end. You actually could finish it if you'd just run through lol
Heroic standing though!

I'm afraid you stretched much more than the surface, my friend! We know that there's some lack of balance in the guns in the game and even the number of enemies needs a tweak. We will release a patch with some fixes in the next days, hopefully it will sort those things out!
This game was made as a college project, so we were not working exclusively on the game. Although it is "released", we know there's a lot of things that can potentially be fixed.
Thank you very much for playing!

We did not find quite the perfect damage balance of the explosion. Sometimes it is OP, sometimes it barely make any damage lol
We will work on this and release a patch soon!
The post process really slows the game down, disabling it will make it smoother.
Thank you so much for playing! 

Thank you very much for playing!

Yes, we pass it! Thank you for the kind words :D

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Thank you for playing! I really enjoyed the video! Looking forward to Trapped 2 Lol

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Thank you for playing, I really enjoyed the video! I was laughting almost the entire time lol

You also pointed out some issues that are really obvious, but we didn't see by ourselfs. We know that the game have problems, but since is a student project of mondays and fridays nights for just 3 months... Well, we did our best!

And about the reason you keep going down is because you would realise in the end that you're in a mountain. I mean, we did a cutscene that explain the begin and the end, but it was so bad that we cut it out to put here on lol
Hope see ya again, with a best game next time! ;)

Thank you very much for the feedback, and specially for the video! Yes, we receive this same complaint in the playtest we made last weekend. Officially the game is done, but I'm working in some bug fixes and graphics improvements (nothing huge). Maybe I make little changes in the first puzzle.

Thank you again!

Agreed, that will be a nice feature!

Well... As a game dev, micro transations is something I'm against. I believe that, if you buy the game, you'll have the rights to acess everything the game can offers.
But of course that could be a good idea. Let's see how it goes!

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That's not to say that a game like this multiplayer would not be possible. I have a project myself to do something similar to this (I mean the massive amount of characters), but then the game need to grow around this idea. Maybe someday this will happen.

As far as I know, the developer want the game to be single player and fun to play, which it definitely is!

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To all people asking for MULTIPLAYER support:

It's improbable that this will happen, at least for now.

And that's because the game is heavy physics based, which in Unity physics system (PhysX) will drive to EXTREMELY laggy game in multiplayer, unless huge changes were made.
Besides, the huge amount of players probably will need to be cut out (even if they are bots).
In the end, the game will need to be restrutured, and probably will not be the same.

A Unity dev here. Sorry.

He need to earn money to live too. I'm not against paid games.