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Thanks for the feature in the video :)

It's a shame you didn't finished, thanks for the vid though :)

Thank you for the video! We're glad you liked it :)

The issue (as it always is^^) is finding time since we have full time jobs and busy lives. It's doable to set things aside for the duration of a gamejam but it's harder to make space otherwise. Hopefully someday soon we'll have the time to revisit it. Thanks for your support :)

Thanks for the video :)

Thanks for the video, we're glad you liked it. Sorry for the English mistakes. We, Frenchs, are notoriously bad at English. And as you could see in the game, we're more versed in the culinary arts :D 

We're glad you liked it, thank you for the video :) 

Hi! Some people have reported freezes when playing in browser. So far we haven't been able to identify what causes it. It appears to be quite random, sorry. The downloadable seems unaffected

Thanks for spotting that up :). We got in touch with itch to see if they can change it.

Thanks for the video  :) We're glad you liked it

Erf sorry about that. The web version can sometime have issues we found hard to repro :( 

Merci :)

We'll try to figure out was causes the freeze. It's hard to identify as it seem to be rare and very random. Maybe try the .exe version in a while if you feel like giving it another go. We're sorry it happened. 

Thanks for the vidéo!

Thanks for the vid! :)

Thanks a lot! :)

Food for thought ;)

Hi! Thanks for the link and we're glad you liked it! in term of pipeline, you'd be surprised what you can get away with in term of montage once you apply the filter on such low resolutions images in photoshop. The trickiest was to work out the whole level branching and narration using the resources we had. Once you establish a core skeleton, you can identify what places are essential and how they support the narration, what new ideas they bring. you can then decide if some branches needs to be cut or if your scope is too big/small.

Thanks a lot for the video! :) We're glad you liked it

Glad you enjoyed it :) Thanks for the video!

Awesome! great idea wrapped in a pretty package :)


It's a shame it lack music otherwise it's pretty neat :)

Thanks! They are photos initially

Thanks! It was made in unity

Hi and thanks :) Have you picked up the item to help you "get" the finger? Check around the tub. Otherwise it might be a bug. But we never experienced it before.

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Thanks guys, It was really interesting to hear.  Nice podcast format as well, It made me want to try the other games you talked about.

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Thanks. It was a fun thing to make. I actually had the original shadow gate and maniac mansion in mind when working. Even though it has nothing to do with it :p

Love the vibe, very chill until you start running like crazy bumping in tree chasing fairies :D 

Really slick visual and music. The concept is very interesting too although I keep loosing :D Even had a +9 help card and managed losing. Don't know if that's a bug

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Thank you very much for playing our game. It was pretty thorough indeed :) you haven't missed anything.