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When respawning after you die, sometimes you get placed close by and sometimes you get placed far away. 

Im bad but the game is good


Some thoughts I have

- I know this is for the GBJam but I hope you'll add a more colorful color scheme

- Jumping is very inconsistent for me

- Should have a reset button so we don't have to complete horrible runs

- Kind of short and there aren't that many obstacles 

- Respawning is so weird 

- Overall, fun game to run but makes me mald a little

Now I'm at 23 seconds.

I feel like jumping is unreliable and so hard to get. 24 seconds rn tho

Challenge mode is so difficul :(

hard but fun. Wish there was more levels and maybe other production lines besides boxes. Maybe you would have to ship 4 normal boxes and 2 tall boxes


Now I'm at 2:12

Now I got the any% to 2:16

I cut it to 2 minutes 20 seconds now

Currently, I beat the game in 2minutes and 46 seconds (any%). I know this game was from a long time ago but I just wanted to say that it was very fun to run. The record could be lowered to around 2 minutes if done better.

Great game. Wish it was long though and took maybe 5 minutes to speedrun. Currently I can beat the game in around a minute and a half and I'm not even good