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Thanks! We wanted to incorporate SAR again so we decided on a fancy project name and also reference the Superite Mountain as a general location and theme. :D

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Fun game!

Couple notes:
* Hit detection is broken though and doesn't work most of the times on the first click.
* There's basically no way to loose when you're decent at the game. I get more and more bonus time and before I got bored I had like 200 seconds to spare so I just let it run out.
* You might want to introduce a mechanic to make it more difficult the longer the game goes (=> For example by making the hacks move quicker)

Oh! That's a fun game, well done! 

Got a game crash though and the screen turned black. Was just moving sadly: 

Uncaught Error: java.lang.RuntimeException: (TypeError) : Cannot read property 'r' of null

What a blast, very well done! :D

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Right. Thanks for that, fixed.

Thanks panda! :D

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Thanks for that playing it!

Once you'll die there's an end screen showing how many rounds you survived.

I can add a counter for how many units you have as well to that screen, clever idea! :D

Absolutely amazing! Played it a bunch with friends over parsec and we loved it!

Wonderful job! :D

Appreciate it! :)