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Lysmatic Studios

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My unique REALISTICVR gameplay of Gorn as I promised


if you can only add in three enemies, add in:

The girl archers, for eye candy, for inspiration on the look of the girl archers look to the ps2 gam shadows of rome- there is girl archer enemies in that game that would look muy bien in vr- and the archers would make players actually have to dodge arrows instead of just chopping and lopping enemies.

The snake enemies to scare some people and make a challenge since they are low and im tall, so slicing low would be a challenge for me, which I like

The minotaur, which could be a slightly upscaled regular dude but in metal minotaur armor thatll scale up to atleast 6 foot 5 (im 6'1) and if you can get me to go ooh shit this thing can kick my ass- you did something right.

Also, adding in more armor types (get inspiration from actual gladiator armor from the roman republic/empire) would make the enemies unique without having to make more variations of enemes model wise.

If you have atleast 3 enemies, voiced heads, more weapons, more realistic arena, more armor, and actual hands holding the weapons, then id drop 20 or 25 on the game easy.

Also, i'm into film, and i'm doing a 'realistic vr' series where I dress like the game characters in vr games and play the game and record it- and your game will be the first one I do on the channel.

Ive been having my friends try gorn and they all love it! Its very addicting and with some more work- it could be a very good seller.

Make sure you actively try to get it out there though, as that will be the hardest part. Luckily there Is not much vr games for the htc vive out there now, but as the vive gets more cheaper, and people buy it by next year (February of 2017 it'll probably hit its peak) then id release the full version by febuary if you want to maximize profits for it before a lot of 'big budget' games come out for it by march, which I want you to do since that means there will be a better gorn 2 lol

Hey, Great game! The new update you did added much more difficulty to it, which is good. For you next update- I think these features should be added:

Enemies: Normal are the 'typical' enemies that spawn in randomly- boss are harder enemies that have their own practice arena during the scripted fights in beginning- bosses can spawn with regulars during the random matches.

(Normal variations)- Besides the classic random gear- foot soldiers currently in the game atm, these new enemies are specialized .in a certain form of combat

Berserker: A slender creepy enemy wearing light hooded armor and white war paint- has two swords and will run at the player quickly in hopes of stealing the show and killing him/her quickly.-low health- quick speed

Archer assassin: A female, attractive enemy that spawns wearing fur revealing armor, a featherd helmet showing her face and a bow and arrows and a dagger. She hangs back and shoots three arrows at the player, but after the three- she pulls out a dagger and tries to stab the player up close- medium health-medium speed- good archer though

Imperius- A heavily armored 'tank' enemy that has the big hammer and kills in one shot, but is very slow.


Imperator- A quick, heavily armored enemy that has the strength of the imperius, but the speed of the berserker

Dracion- A serpent like creature that slithers and tries to bite at the player- can be killed by repeatedly cutting at its head until its decapitated.- fast speed- medium damage- quick attack

Maurice- A minotaur that's slow but hits hard and has lots of health

Sparrow: A cloaked small and skinny girl that has a black robe that goes to above her belly button, and she is wearing black shorts. Crows go around her and she sends a flock at the player and the player must kill the crows before they bite him too much. After her crows die, she runs at the player with two dagger, and has little health but hits hard.

The game should also have these new weapons-

Spiked shield: Handles same as regular shield but if bashed into enemy it guts them, making them bleed out

Brass knuckles: Lets you knock enemies to the ground in one hit with the knuckles, more damage, face hits are instakill

More features:

Though the new enemy AI is pretty good, they sometimes get stuck far away and I cant kill them because they are caught on a wall or have no legs so cant move- making me start all over. A 'I surrender; option to go to next match would help.

Voiced over 'heads'- The heads are a funny and good idea- but if they have some british funny actors voice or a strong germ accent it would make it better

More sounds from enemies: The enemies should mock you in the beginning of the fight and after they lose a limb or get hurt they should be more auditory about it instead of just going 'um um'. There should also be a surrender feature for the (Normal variation) enemies where if they lose a arm or get hurt bad and are the last one alive, they have a chance of surrendering and the crowd of heads(and hopefully voiced over main head) makes a funny comment depending on the enemy type and then either letting the enemy be spared, or telling you to kill the enemy. If you choose to spare the enemy, the enemy can help you (and is fully healed /limbs back) in the next wave- so if a 'Berserker' surrenders- and you spare it- it attacks the next wave of enemies. This will add a humorus watchable fight where the derpy AI enemies fight each other lol.

That's all I have for the next update(s)-tell me if you liked any of them!