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Can't wait to see ^^

Hello, is there anal content in the game? Thanks

You have to subscribe to a Patreon tier here:

Not for now, only the main character is a male

You can contact him on his most active social: Discord era#6140
Or on Twitter @ewoera

Well, try with this Mega link then:


I don't quite understand where is the problem ^^"
Can you explain more the problem you're encountering?

Just click on "Download Now", download the .zip file and extract it where you want, then open the .exe

I'm not the creator of the game ^^
You have to talk with Elera if you want to propose your help :)

Multiple languages support is something Elera wants to bring in the future

afaik it's not planned now

Hello, try this Mega link:

Try right click to turn your head

In VR mode or in desktop mode?

You're welcome :)

For now only with dildos, dicks will come later :)

In the shopping floor, on a couch on the left

If you want, you can propose it in the channel #game-ideas on the Discord server (
There is I think a better visibilty there than on the Itch comments ;)

Can you try to launch the game as administrator? (Right click on the .exe and "Run as administrator")


What do you mean?

Nice :3 Thanks

Hello, are there anal things in the game?

You have to subscribe a tier on Elera's Patreon. You can read the description of Patreon tiers to see how much money each gives ;)

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For now, only one per characters i would say, just to unlock sex with them

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For now hand interactions are VR only yes but in the future hands for desktop are also planned (as stated in the Trello).

You can insert toys in mouth too, and in nipples.

You gain in-game money only when subscribing a tier on Elera's Patreon (read the description of each tier to see how much money they give in game).

Next udpate is going to be soonish :)

Have you tried to launch it as Administrator?

Aggreed :p


Yes the project is still active

You can also have sex with Mary (the cowgirl) and Lexa (the wolf girl)

Yes, the project is still active, and next update is going to be soonish

Not soonish, but yeah would be a really good addition to the game ^^

Next update is going to be soon

Nice OwO, I will download it then :3

Thanks for your answer :)

Hello, is there anal content in the game?

Hello, are there anal things in the game?

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It's still UI testing, no scene currently. We're all waiting for this game and making exercises with Rena x3