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This game is so sweet. It has a nice and simple, yet beautiful, art style. The challenge level of your play through is can be customized too, so if you like being tortured that's fine, but you can also just vibe. I love that the bees seem to have personality and the random events made me happy. Just a really warm happy game.  

i wish there was a game like this to learn spanish this is so cool. thankyou!

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Im just a doll that loves you with no voice. Just a background character nobody will know much about. Just your voiceless dolly.

i restarted the game four times now while looking at the wiki. i guess its not in yet. oof

This is the most realistic experience i have seen about a solitary witch. I feel this in my soul. Never sure if you are doing it right but trying anyway because you feel like it is the right thing. but you still are not sure.

I would love to just sit there and cook whatever i want and just serve it to customers. i would be so relaxing. i love what youve done so far tho.

This game actually made me sad. I ended up being forced to send them to the mines just to buy food and still got shut down. Very sad game. Great job!

this seems so cool but i couldnt get it to save. when i click save a blank scroll pops up.

thanks i will try that

WIn 10

it loads when i play it on here but not on the exe. 

I tried searching for TTv4_Save.sol in C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\[Random Number]\localhost but it says no items match my search.

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I love this game and the thought of breeding an army but i am honestly so upset that i can not figure out how to save.  It almost makes me not want to play it. Am I overlooking it? i dont see the save option anywhere. If it's supposed to autosave, I dont think it is. when i press load nothing happens. am i doing something wrong? if so how can i fix it?

edit: i found where to save but it still doesnt load when i press load. im using the exe downloaded from here.

This game is really cool but i wish there was some kind of undo button, or a mass delete.

sorry to comment again so soon but i noticed a bug. If a villager is holding a berry sometimes they wont do anything. They wont work or eat. I think it is when the berry bucket is full. they will just stand there complaining about food. Even if the rack is full, until i trade them a bunch of cooked meat.

I love this, it's so cute! I actually feel like a villager. I love how each villager has their own personality and they form relationships with each other. It feels like an actual village with a beautiful art style. I love that i can paint my mask, I just wish i could change the animal that my mask is. Even if the animal does not change though, I still can't wait to play more! Thank-you for your hard work! I an excited for the full game!