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oh also the images aren't in the downloaded version

i love this game so much and want to share it with everyone it's important to us and we're gonna put it on website and talk about it!!!

‼️ montréalais dans notre collection de jeux-video!! :)

this game is very good for our little! taras' struggles reminded her of when she goes shopping. it is scary overwhelming and wer're far from home. we just want to hide in the staff only back rooms to  make the scary things go away. it was really nice for her to experience a accessible and caring store. she got things to help with sensory feelings and that made her happy. she wasn't punished for trespassing on the employee only area, made friends with cute cats, and was told that we were loved and that we got good things when returning home.

we also _all_ love inline skating, and snow sports, it was really joyful being asked to participate in snowskateboarding

same happens with me when using the switch pro controller on the linux kernel drivers, when wired (havent checked wireless my computer doesnt have bluetooth dongle), i can get through the menus but ones i get to A/X to join im out of luck

golf 2


what the heck !!!!!

this is so rad

i love trash panda season,,,,,,,

um!! word of advice!! its pretty hugely frowned upon in programming circles to release dev updates and game updates through a discord when you already have a website or two to work with!!!

they are really out of the way and most people feel really uncomfortable using them to access information and producing blog posts/dev updates publicly is generally a much better option for most people.

do yoyu know anything about linux? ii know someone who would really like to play this but it doesnt use windows, and they feel kinda bad about asking

thank you kirby baird