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This game made me cry. Many times. Thank you, sincerely, Brianna Lei, for making a game that I, as well as so many others. could connect to and love. Baseball and girls are two of my very favorite things. And it was insane how much I could relate to Diya and Min (my girlfriend and I are on the same team, she pitches and I catch. We're honestly like Diya and Min but if their personalities were swapped haha). I fell in love as soon as I saw the gun that fired out a gun that shot a knife honestly. But for anyone trying to figure out if they want to play this game or not: play it. It tells an incredibly well planned story about Asian-American gay girls in high school, trying to find their way and love themselves in a very lighthearted way. The characters are all lovable and every line of dialogue gives off so much personality and are in no way out of place. The art is simply amazing and the backgrounds are to die for. This is a cute, short heartwarming game to play if you are ever looking for a pick me up, or some laughs.