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Thank you! Thisasset pack will work wonders in my rpg games. I will included an attribution in the end game credits. 

Amazing artwork! Thank you. If I use any of your assets in one of my RPGs, I will include an attribution to you in the credits. 

Thank you. you are very talent and I really like how much time and passion you put into creating this awesome art! It really shows by by your attention to details. I will include an attribution to you and your work in thevend game credits if I use these assets in any of my game projects. I really appreciate you. 

I am happy to see more neurodivergent people developing/ writing scripting from an autistic perspective and who has created something based on their own experiences with the game dev. community. It's really refreshing to come across a fellow autistic  developer who is genuine.  I myself am an autistic game developer, so I can relate and just wanted to take the time to show you my appreciation and recognition for the awesome work you put into this! 

Great tileset! Thos will work great for my top down rpg im currently working on. Thank you! I will include an attribution to you in the end game credits. 

Thank you . If I use this tool you developed in any future sci-fi space game I decide to create, I will include an attribution to you in the end game credits. 

Thank you! this tileset is very well made and I love the details. I will include an attribution to you in the credits. 

This aset pack will be perfect for my RPG top down game that I am currently working on! Awesome artwork! I will make sure to include an attribution to you and your work in the end credits of the game. After completion, I will upload my project  to my profile here, on and I can send you a direct link to also. Thank you!   

You're very welcome! Thank you for the kind reply and I appreciate the warm wishes as well.  

Thank you so much! I love the details you put into your artwork. I will put an attribute to you and your work in the end credits. 

This tool wil help me a lot with my game project development and will provided the much need assets for my character generation. I have been creating my characters from scratch and its really time consuming. For some characters created from scratch can be useful, but for the majority of the sprites I will need, this generator will be better and save me time. I will credit everyone involved in my character asset creations and will make sure to include their attribution in the end game credits of my final release. Thank you again for providing this tool. You all are very appreciated! 

What an awesome character you have created! I love this! You do great work. If I use your character in any of my games I am working on, I want to put you in the credits to show my appreciation. Then I will send you a link to the game once I am finished. Thank you and I look forward to seeing more..! 

Thank you!

You're welcome. I can definitely relate and understand how intensive all the work that goes into designing an indie/retro pixel art scene can be. So I really respect and recognize a talent artist when i see one. The details you spent time on rwally show the complexity of creating genuine high quality art. I'm working on a mixed platformer/top-down/CYOA Visual Novel type of game and creating the backgrounds layers from scratch, just those alone take a lengthy time. Then when adding in all the properties/behaviors/events/effects after jumping back and forth between editors/extensions, it really does take a substantial amount of time to create a high quality asset pack. To save some time for myself on building all the levels needed for my project, assets like the ones you make, really helps me to have access to quality assets and I can also support other artists such as yourself in the process. I would rather put art into my game that has been created by artists who have a passion for what they love to do, than just quickly throughing anything in it that doesn't have quality. So thanks again. I look forward to seeing more of your anazing work! 

I just wanted to acknowledge how talented you are and that you create incrediblely amazing art work! szadiart, keep rockin' it! Any assets you that you have created, I will attribute you in the credits if I use them in any of my projects. Thank you. 

Thank you! Amazing artwork!

You're welcome. I am happy to share my gratitude and appreciation for you and your work. It really has been a lot fun creating this game and I am also looking forward to sharing it with you, once it's finished! 

Thank you Alerson Jorge. Your Asset pack for this alternative dialogue system is very helpful vs the use of YARN. Yarn keep code crashing on me and since it is stil in the beta version, that is often common vs stable versions. So, this should help solve the hurdle and it will be a practical work around. I will make sure to include a attribution to you in the end game credits of my finished work   

Your'e welcome. I write music, record, and play instruments myself, so I really resonate with your melodic style.  I do not have the time or money to invest in professional equipment at the moment, but I am happy I can help support other artists and developers who put a lot of passion into their creative works, which shows in the asset's high quality. When my final game project is ready for pre-launch, I will send you a link to a play preview, followed by the link to the final game release. Both will have your attribution in the credits. 

Great woek! Thank you.

Great starter pack! I love all the dark and errie emotion you put into creating your tracks. It really sets the mood for a  scary, on your toes, type of horror game! I will make sure to put in an  attribution to you in the credits. Thank you for all the awesome work you do N91music! 

- Lynnette_GameDev87