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Just to add that the last city I generated got multiple market patches next to each other:

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The generator is pretty neat. Here are some ideas/remarks:

  • Could you add more colours to the watercolours and maybe assign each colour to specific labels ? Like all temple be of this colour, military another etc ?
  • Can you add Park to the options ? And it should be green or something instead of the same colour as the water.
  • I also think that you should be able to generate more than one Park/Market/Temple on very big maps. Maybe set the number in the options ?
  • Could we get an option to add more than 1 line of walls ?
  • Another tool (called "paint" maybe ?) would be nice : one that allows setting which type of building we want in a specific cell/patch, or even remove the buildings in the cell.

Anyway, it's a very nice tool. Any chance for it to go opensource so that people could contribute ?