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This was so cute and fun to play! I need more!!

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Loving the art style and the story of this game!! (Edit: Thank you! I found the true ending and all the pictures with it! Such a perfect ending. I can tell so much thought and love went into this game. Also, no matter what you're going through, there is help and hope for you <3)

very cute game! i'm a sucker for the "i'm not supposed to like you because *insert reason here* but i do anyway" dynamic. also wish i could make all those tea combinations in real life!

very sweet (pun intended) and introspective. i'd like to think that you are given a last meal before the end, being able to relive a precious moment. 

cool concept and the gameplay was super fun  and challenging! I've never played a game quite like this and it was a really unique, enjoyable experience!

soooo good!! came for the BL but stayed a lot longer for the storyline. also the music is FIRE. Zed has got to be my favorite route (the ending was just *chefs kiss*), but all the characters are uniquely fleshed out and loveable!

interesting and fun concept! definitely something I'll think about during my actual therapy appointment this week lol. the colors, music, and pixelated graphics go nicely together and the endings were very unique!