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I wonder why we never hear from Gideon again after he takes us out on a sports bar

the third ending it was so funny

honestly it's not your fault i think there might be an issue going on with my laptop considering no one else came across this problem,i still really want to play it i've played one of your games before (Karamu) and it was golden so i was extra excited for this one,still am lol i'll consider trying to play it on another laptop

i've reinstalled it so many times and deleted the data but it always gets stuck at "I'm looking forward to Monday" and when I try to load that scene from autosave my screen goes black the same way it goes black when I try to load the file you gave me :(( though thank you so much for trying to help

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is it this one? if so it's not loading again i'm sorry

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so i've did exactly that and the file is in the game but when i try to load it my screen goes black,i even tapped on continue but my screen went black again

i've downloaded the file but i don't know how to do the rest i didn't get it 

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hii I like the game so far but there's an issue with it, it doesn't continue no matter what I do after the game says "I'm looking forward to Monday" i've tried everything but none of it it worked so far i'm on windows btw 

thank you! <3

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yeah i have windows omg so sorry i meant i don't know how to open night terrors the comment section isn't open there so

i don't know how to open the game :(

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i'm confused about that as well

I can't believe I never saw this until now!! I just finished reading the short story,that was so sad I feel bad for Haruto and Yuzuki dwqjhfwehewj but i'm glad Yuzuki still found happiness,did Aimi and Ichigo ever got caught? after the true ending

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It's no problem at all<333 also I JUST FINISHED READING FRIDAS PAGE ON YOUR TOYHOUSE PAGE i'm so intrigued for your next game/project,despite reading everything you wrote about her on your page she's still a big mystery,I saw a guy (I think he's a guy but idk for sure) called Dr. in the relationships part I think she was talking to  Numero Uno when she said "Funny isn't it? It really seems like he cares about you more than me." and I think the Dr. Arvin  D. Nieri but idk these are js some theories

I was reading some of the comments and I saw that your favourite ending is Ending C,I think that's my favourite too!! but I do have a few questions,did Seven grew out his hair to look like Aran? this one might be a sensitive one but,are all of Calebs injuries in that ending caused by Seven? 

sorry for writing alot dhwjwjhwenjfjwe 

one more thing i love your new toyhouse page,the full version of your new persona,the chibi version of them,the grave of the old one lol and the vibrant blue colour! the music too,all are lovely!! what inspired you to change your persona?

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I think that's totally okay,we all make mistakes what's important is if you learned something from it and you clearly did so that's wonderful and i'm very proud of you

ohh yeah i think that's me len or zen sb like that! i have a character who's finger gunning as my pfp,you don't know how much happy it makes me that you noticed it<333 nd you don't need to thank me!! i love supporting you and you're one of my favourite indie devs I could keep going on about this but idk the limit of how much i can write here lmao

ohh i'm really happy you thought of informing me!! i check your toyhouse almost daily so i'm aware of almost any differences you improve with your toyhouse page every time it's fantastic also your new animation on YT was wonderful omg ajdjsjjdjd i love your content and i'm very excited for Frida and your new game<333

OMGG ive been waiting for this!! i js saw the toyhouse page i only looked through it so far but it's so detailed and i'm excited to read it

it's totally okay i know you tried your best so did i and that's what matters ♡ i'm very excited for the character profiles for WTTFM characters so i literally check your toyhouse page everyday LMAO  good luck and rest well<333

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one of them mentioned the renpy file nd i checked it,there wasn't anything save related to like save as saving the game,i loaded my save files then deleted them from the save files again but nothing really happened they were still there so that didn't work,thank you so much for trying to help and sending me the screenshot<333 btw i like ur new toyhouse page 

so I just tried what the guy said in the video,first I opened the game and closed it then I went to the game files and opened saves there was only something called "persistent" and nothing else but I still deleted that and nothing happened so there's that I either did something wrong or it's just not working but still thank you for helping! and i'd love it if you could send me the menu state before ending 1 it might be asking too much but istg I tried nksfjsrfjıesegd

I played the game more than once so I deleted nd reinstalled it a few times lmao but it didn't work however I will try the other two,thank you for answering<333

is there a way to reset the game so i can see the first opening screen again? it changes after the ending 1 i think-

Oh i'd love that,thank you so much! i'm looking forward to it (toyhouse page if i wasn't clear cause english is def not my first language) your art book was lovely and i'm glad i brought it seeing your process and sketches everything about it was just beautiful,the CGs that didn't make it to the game was heartbreaking LMAO in my personal opinion they all seemed so meaningful and i would've loved to see them in the game but that's okay seeing them in the artbook was also great! take your time with the toyhouse page and your new game don't exhaust yourself!!

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I don't know if you'll ever see this since it's been two months but i'm still gonna say it- I've noticed that in one of the CGs from one of the endings where "Aran" chokes Caleb while kissing him he's wearing the turtleneck Caleb used to wear when he was 21,the amount of detail you put into this is incredible!!! <333 btw quick question are you ever going to make a toyhouse page including the WTTFM characters? I know their personalities are already described in the game and your art book but i'd still read your toyhouse page about them if you made one ^^

i'm so excited for day 2!!!

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Words aren't enough to explain how much I loved all 3 of your VNs,once again I can't find words to explain how marvellous they are<333 you write lovely stories you're so creative it's truly inspiring i'm so interested in all of your OCs I think i've read their page on your toyhouse page house many times I love them soo much you've written them so well it's delightful to see how each of them have extraordinary personalities it just makes me want to know their whole life (in a good way) my apologies if I sounded weird ^^

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I'm glad you wrote this it was fun to read your creation process even though I don't relate cause i've never made any games lmao,out of all 3 of your VNs WTTFM is my favorite it got me thinking for a week or so,all of your projects so far has been magnificient i'm excited for this next VN you're making as well best of luck<333

I fixed the problem so I deleted my comment,my apologies oh anyways I really enjoyed this short VN! I love your artstyle it's admirable,and the game was pretty fun to play I hope we'll see more of Sasha soon<333

Anytime,you deserve all the support and more<333 (I love every one of the icons theyre all super cute but aran is my favorite character so far so i used himm i'm happy it made your day 

omg I just finished it and I can't find words on how amazing,wonder,magnificient...this game is I got all the endings and each time you surprised me with the plot twists I've also played your other to VNs,and all of them were well done you never disappoint fr I also love the design of your characters<333 rest well!

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this game was magnificient i loved the voice acting,the background music and especially that extra ending<333

This game was absolutely well done I loved the music,the background (The Crooked Man's room) and the design of The Crooked Man and oh my god I won't even start with how much I love the last CG! 

I'm surprised this is your first time making VN cause this is soo good,I love Xavier so much his words were so heart touching and sweet

it was soo sweet i loved it

It's alright maybe it was some sort of bug? idk either anyways the game was lovely I really enjoyed playing it thank you for making such a wonderful game!

I deleted the game then downloaded it again but I still didn't get the CG! again i'm very sorry 

I went through his regular route and befriended him a few times but it didn't work againn i'm sorry if i'm causing you trouble 

This game was such a great game I love the characters and their different personalities they are all great in their own ways,there is nothing bad to say about this game but I've got one question I finished all the endings but I couldn't get the CG that's between Captains and Gardeners if anyone knows how to get it pls tell me

I finished it and got all the 7 endings! it was lovely really but I never saw the third picture you posted I'm afraid I missed something but I don't know what it is