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It looks like the rest of the animations were taken from this character -

(1 edit)

Here's the original - Although this character doesn't have all the animations of the original, but it's possible that he took animations from someone else. On his previous character, it's even more obvious -

Dude, why are you selling edits of other people work without any permissions?

No problem. I'm always open to that kind of collaboration.

Sure. It looks great.

Sooner or later - I will put boosty packs on itch, except for a few. However, I switched to boosty because I can't withdraw money from itch anymore.

This is dope!


That's great. I can add female versions of the characters, but I don't think I'll do it anytime soon. 

I made a bundle, so you can buy it all together and at a discount.

Didn't quite fully understand you, but on itch and on boosty are different assets. All new packs only appear on boosty for now.

That's right.

Of course


Maybe later.

You can use my assets for commercial and non-commercial purposes, the only thing is do not distribute and do not sell my assets.

I not sure what you mean by that. All characters are already made as sprite sheets.


Thank you very much!

Actually, it's silly, but I don't have a palette. Of course I try to use the colors I used before, but sometimes I use new ones.


I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean. If you mean slicing each frame into a separate image, you can use some sites that do it online.


Thank you for liking what I do)

I mean the "end turn" button sometimes doesn't work.

Let me give you some feedback.

First, sometimes, I didn't find the connections, but you can't end the turn.

 I also found that it is impossible to make a comeback when the enemy has more than half of all territories captured, I think that there should be such an opportunity.

 And a small addition that is not very important - I think it would be nice if the units were looking to the right or to the left, depending on where they were heading.

this is amazing. I really like the idea of the last boss)

I do not understand what you're saying. I sell packs on Boosty the same way I do on itch. You can only get to my boosty if you follow me on itch, where I post all animation previews. In general, this whole situation with boosty began with the fact that I can no longer withdraw money from itch and I don’t want people to pay money to nowhere. I know it sounds more like my problem, but still.

I have plans to gradually release works from boosty on itch. But I don't understand what you mean when you say that you don't see many animations on boosty.

Sorry, not right now. I already have a lot of work.

Contact me via email

Well, only if something like that)


Although no. Sorry, it won't work. But if you like my sprites, you can try to ask another artist to change them.

Well, I can try if you bought the pack.

Actually cool. An interesting concept.

After passing level 14 - the game freezes every time(

Good job. Very nice to play.


You're talking about up and down directions, right? It's a lot of work and now I'm more interested in drawing new characters. Sorry.