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Hello, I found that the size of the waterfall in the resource today is not the standard 32*32 split, but 48*46. Is it a resource error or is it?

Good Job!

When can the new action of the witch be updated? I look forward to it!

Hello, great resource. I can use her as the main character in my new game. However, I found a big problem, that is, the characters lack the animations of Hurt and Dead. Can you please add them?

Got it, you haven't updated the repaired pictures at the discount store yet.

I bought the resources, but when I cut them, I found that the size of each picture was not 64*64, and the height alignment was wrong. The result of integer division is 92.44444.

Can you re-upload an image resource that can be split into integers?

Haha, you just understand what I mean. Looking forward to your other works~

Sorry, I haven't played Hollow Knight yet, so I'm not sure if the action in this game is what I imagined. But the following action fits my idea perfectly:

It mainly jumps from bottom to top and strikes upward, which is more powerful, and can be followed by a second stage of aerial strike on the enemy that was knocked into the air, so that the whole action can be connected smoothly.

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The new action is really great~~ It would be perfect if we add a lift-off strike action! (Just use the UpLightAtk action, but release it in mid-air) 

Is there any death animation?

Thank you for your reply~ I checked again and found the resources I needed.

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Hello, this resource is really great! I will be using this in my new game. But now I have some troubles and hope to get your help.

Can this resource also include the Tiled project in the demo gif scene? Because the resources are too scattered, there are many materials that cannot be found anywhere. If you can provide a sample template (tmx file), it will be much easier to find.

Thank you so much!

Our game is about to officially land on steam, so the update here is temporarily suspended. You can access ,the game will be released on September 26.

I will also take the time to re-upload new game story settings here.

It is awesome! I would be grateful if you could help me!

This is the background setting of the earliest NAXIA world. Although there are some differences between the game and the details, the entire world architecture still inherits.

I really hope to thoroughly share the world background of the game, but because I wrote it in Chinese, if the translation into English is too much work. It is obviously not possible to rely on Google's translation. I must first find a professional translator to help. Otherwise, I really can't do any of this work...

Although my side has to set a name as soon as possible for some reasons, the name still has the opportunity to be modified. Want to get your ideas~

I also had no alternative but his lawyer’s warning letter was sent over and I had to change it.
Do you have any good suggestions or ideas? Come wish to say ~

'm sorry to be sorry everyone, automatic updates have problems. . Causes the game to be abnormal after the update is entered into the game.

We have been trying to find a solution to solve the problem as soon as possible in ......

Thank you~~