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is the version free?

I think y'all misunderstood, you have to press enter or space to start, the menu is a selection between playing regular, playing zen mode whatever it is, the website which is this, credits and quitting the game. and you select these with the arrows

whats the difference between Zen Mode and Start which is the Regular Mode?


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one issue out of the many issues this game has is that it just throws you in and doesnt tell you how to get for example axe blades. I mean the book in the bedroom did help me out a little but there was still alot more to learn. Like some games do, it gives you instructions to do said thing. But this game is just "You're gonna be fine :)"

there should be more instructions in the book and yada yada. its not fun to be thrown into something without even knowing a single thing about it.

this is not to upset the creators, its just an idea for features that help new players. new players who dont know how to create like, hammer blades. 

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did you try right click? right click is to pick up stuff. also, yeah. it just throws you in and you have no knowledge of what the frick

oh, alright. how do i launch the game though?

uh, windows told me the setup had a virus in it ._.

very nice! buuut im also stuck after finding the detective girl-

i dont wanna give spoilers out there

Thank you so much! This game seemed  so interesting so I desperately wanted to play it.

i accidentally turned it into a notepad file and idk how to fix it

im so confused on how to play the game