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Then you need to find the game application somewhere in the files.

Have you extracted the files yet?

You need to go to File Explorer, click on a folder that has the name Clangen in it, and find the game in the Clangen folder to extract it.

You need to extract the files next. ^^

I recommend clicking on the Windows 64 download.

Click on the folder called Clangen and then try to find the game in there. It should be in there somewhere. Hope this helps.

How did it not work for you?

I'm not that educated in software, but try uninstalling it and trying again. I believe a file is missing because extracting things can sometimes remove files and it takes a while for them to appear again.

Just click the button that says "Run anyway".

Yep, and they said they wouldn't.

What version of Windows do you have?

Can you explain what's stopping you? Is there like a message popping up or?

the game is so goddamn dark. I literally cant see anything. I also understand the bad reviews on this game.

the third level is confusing

thats alright and ty!

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i cant find the screwdriver, I've looked everywhere :(

im also trying not to look at videos 

Alright, thank you! :D

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I'm kinda stuck.. what do I do during the "Explore rooms" section? I've already explored the halls and everything-

i also tried moving the locker doors by what number it shows in every room but that also didnt work

It is a good idea of a game. A terrifying, dark atmosphere in a big school with many classrooms and a
robot security guard chasing you through the dark, ominous halls of the school. It's a very unoriginal
backstory though, haha. You fell asleep in math class and nobody woke you up. 
The game could use music when the robot guard sees the player to alert the player. Also the game should tell
the controls to the player. Like, WASD to move and Ctrl (or C I'm not sure) to crouch. I didn't fully 
complete the game because it was pretty confusing and tried to press so many buttons but nothing happened
when I pressed the main buttons to interact; like Z, E, Space, Enter, LMB and RMB.
I also found a bug: I was trying to hide in one of the lockers but then the robot guard saw me and it
started pushing me into a classrooms corner. When it did, it just pushed me out of the whole school and I 
just wandered to the main door and then won the game. I like it, cool concept but needs a lot of work.
Also, don't take this as offense, it's my advice to make the game better if you want to still work on it.
Thank you for reading :D (If you did at all lol)

is there any way to turn the motion blur off? I'm not on my computer rn cuz i traveled to another country, and it lags my game a lot- is there anyway to fix the lag?

Are there any jumpscares? I'm weak to any sort of scares so it would be good to know!

okay! thank you!

ohh alright! i tried doing that but it didnt really work so i guess my shift is broken?

help the triple jump, i dont know how to do it

how do i get rid of the message "PerfectionSetupx86.exe isn't commonly downloaded. Make sure you trust PerfectionSetupx86.exe before you open it"?

i've already reported the file as safe but it still doesn't want to load. is there any way I can fix this?

im not the creator, but can you explain how you couldnt finish it? I can help you lol

Oh, thanks for pointing this extremely easy to think of technique

Sure! I'll try.

yep it worked, thanks!

It crashes on the main menu, but before it crashes, there's a pop up with a loading bar and the Unity logo above it, I'm not sure what's up with that.

I did extract the files, so I don't know what happened.

im on the newest build and whenever i load the game up, it crashes in 3 seconds-

do i go back to 1.0.0?

alright, i'll try

i was holding the hoe 

is the minigame stopping you?

she didnt die- she fell into a coma and i think thats whats supposed to happen

It's a really fun game to kill time with. Though, it would be fun if there was a feature where you could save drinks and food, so you don't need to go around in circles making stuff. Like, for example, there would be a mini fridge where you could store foods/drinks (6 slots max.)

im on the web version, and I dont know how to put things down.

does anyone know?

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does anyone know how to get up that hill where the rocks and spiky things are? the jump to the plant soul is actually impossible

I tried so many times but it kept either flinging me back to the start of the level or I fell and had to climb the hill again

I have the same problem. I don't know where the More Info button is.

is the version free?