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i very much liked the 'original' Xob. One of the reasons were the nice design, its presentation and the easy controls. I prefer the left and right arrow keys for rotating a scene over dragging the scene because it's more precise and easy to deal with. Especially steering by trackpad makes the rotation rather unprecise, so that it gets annoying, which is a shame due to all the work put into the level design. Would it be possible (and make sense) to implement keyboard steering too?


We had a lot of fun with two players.

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I guess that's what you could do, in order to enjoy going through the interludes.

There is too much not good looking make up in your way, instead of direct access and focus on inner values. Feel free to disagree.

A wonderful little game. At some point it got hard.

A good and polished game. I enjoyed it. Some levels are only lukewarm though. It lacks more levels which are fun to solve, involve more creative puzzles and new ideas.

Interesting game.

It's neat but lacks content.

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Nice idea and a relaxing mood. From a certain level on, the increase of the difficulty level felt uneven.

A great game. It lacks more content on PC (Mac, Win, Lin).

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The game was great till a certain release. Then a.o. too tight balancing, a few bugs, focus shifting away from the fun of the fab core mechanics to tutorial, filler content like texts you click away and stuff like that. It still can be fun but the game got primary fat, lost its direct appeal, without feeling better.

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I very much enjoyed the game. I wish there would be more levels.

The game does not even start (macOS 10.15.2).


 it works now. Thank you.

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The game doesn't even launch (macOS 10.15.2,  enabled lower security settings for non verified devs).

Can you fix this or may I ask for a refund?