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Okay. I hope this isn't my fault.

Like Drip, it's a nice game, but the steering is an issue again. This time there is no automatic movement, but it's hard (lacking some tolerance, maybe on a Jumpman level) or guidance getting around corners and branches. Amidar's movement feels nicer in comparison. I guess both forms of movement can be tweaked until a point, depending on the design, at which one feels better than the other.

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Another nice one, but I don't like the controls (the automatic movement makes it less fun to steer with a keyboard). Some tune variation could be nice (every few levels).



Nice. It would be cool if all these games offered original and new levels in one game (file).

Nice. Huh, the wind.

Bundle with the C64 version?

Thanks for another nice game.

I very much like it.

Ideally there would be more levels with a nice puzzle design (clever and sloppy ones) and some music (not too distracting).

One of the few games I played through multiple times.

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Habt Ihr auch ein DRM-Freies €-Angebot?

Dank Wechselkurs & PayPal kostet das Spiel, mit Rabatt, über 15€.

Glückwunsch zur Veröffentlichung.

Wonderful. Thanks.

Thanks for the great support.

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Hi, thank you but the issue remains, both on Apple Silicon as well as x86. What kind of terminal workaround should I apply?

I prefer DRM free software. I'm less into Steam due to the client and because there can be DRM. Therefore, apart from VR and a few gems which are only available there, I buy games on other platforms like GOG, HB and itch. If a game is available on GOG or HB, they mostly work. On itch it's more like a lottery, some do, others don't, like yours. I don't want to use a Steam like Client, neither on GOG nor itch (then I could go for Steam directly).

Regarding Mac releases:

I miss information about which middleware (version) a game is compiled for which architecture (Apple Silicon, x86). Ideally this would include an update history with milestones which turned out to work for most people.

Knowing certain issues, you could avoid troublesome games and wait for updates without going through the hassle of being excited, paying, not being able to play, feedback-communication instead, asking for refund if there is no solution, waiting to get your money back.

I wanted to support this game (indie, p&c adventure, space) but sometimes it seems to be wiser to wait for a matured version or just watch a YouTube video. Will you offer a release on GOG as well? Is the Steam-Version running without problems?

Some games work whilst others don't. F.e. I recently tried 'If Fusion Were That Easy'. I would prefer a build for Apple Silicon, sadly it's not available. I don't want to install/run Rosetta, I want native support. Therefore I moved it on an old x86 Mac (same OS). The game wasn't signed. I needed to allow the game in my security settings. After that it worked (with all the omnious glory there might be). That's it. Why shouldn't this be possible for every Mac-Build?! Why the corrupt message exactly?

Games need to run on the latest OS. There is no way around this because people will up- and not downgrade. If you need different setting, rebuild/compile with the latest dev-tool version.

I rare cases there really is no workaround but here some games work whilst others don't.

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No. I just downloaded the ZIP-File (I also don't want to install an itch-app). Other games built with Unity (from itch) do run. You need to give access to them but after that they work. I do not get this system message (corrupt) from the others. I guess it's due to your build. Can you fix this?


sadly I can't open the game on the Mac.

System Message says that DexterStardust is corrupt.

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Mir gefiel die Demo. Das Spiel hat was, wobei mir hochauflösende Grafik lieber wäre. Der Nagellack war ne süße offensichtliche Idee. Ich hoffe, dass die Rätsel nicht nur technischer Natur sind. Das mit der Taube sieht gut aus. Herwischen des Inventars aus beiden Richtungen erlauben - ebenso das Wegwischen, was noch optimiert werden kann. Den 'normalen' Mauszeiger nicht zu sehr komplett ghosten. Wegklicken der Kommentare auch mit rechter Maustaste ermöglichen (Trackpad-Gemütlichkeit). ...

Gutes Gelingen!

Sadly 'where is 2021' didn't work for me (Monterey, x86, M1).

Maybe you can update the game in the future.

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nice, x86 M1 versions?

Hi. Any chance of a Mac version?

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Hi, I'm in the Mac (M1-Chip) boat too.

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i very much liked the 'original' Xob. One of the reasons were the nice design, its presentation and the easy controls. I prefer the left and right arrow keys for rotating a scene over dragging the scene because it's more precise and easy to deal with. Especially steering by trackpad makes the rotation rather unprecise, so that it gets annoying, which is a shame due to all the work put into the level design. Would it be possible (and make sense) to implement keyboard steering too?


We had a lot of fun with two players.

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I guess that's what you could do, in order to enjoy going through the interludes.

There is too much not good looking make up in your way, instead of direct access and focus on inner values. Feel free to disagree.

A wonderful little game. At some point it got hard.

A good and polished game. I enjoyed it. Some levels are only lukewarm though. It lacks more levels which are fun to solve, involve more creative puzzles and new ideas.

Interesting game.

It's neat but lacks content.

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Nice idea and a relaxing mood. From a certain level on, the increase of the difficulty level felt uneven.

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The game was great till a certain release. Then a.o. too tight balancing, a few bugs, focus shifting away from the fun of the fab core mechanics to tutorial, filler content like texts you click away and stuff like that. It still can be fun but the game got primary fat, lost its direct appeal, without feeling better.

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I very much enjoyed the game. I wish there would be more levels.

The game does not even start (macOS 10.15.2).


 it works now. Thank you.

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The game doesn't even launch (macOS 10.15.2,  enabled lower security settings for non verified devs).

Can you fix this or may I ask for a refund?