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This game was so sweet! I love the cozy vibes of the cafe and Leon is so cute! I would definitely pay to see more of Fianna and Leon! Their dynamic is fantastic! I would love to see how their friendship developed and to hear more about Leon's life in another world! You did a great job making the characters loveable and interesting not to mention the lovely art! Fantastic work!

If this is your idea of a shitpost I NEED to see your serious work! This was awesome! It took me 26 tries to make it all the way to the end but that barely took away from my enjoyment! I seriously loved how this game was super funny but also got dark in some moments without it feeling forced! When you finish everything up you can charge serious money for this! You could probably charge money for it now! Great work! (Ps I love the eat pant shirt!)

A Short Hike community · Created a new topic ​Phenomenal!

I got this game with the Bundle for Racial Justice and with a title like "A Short Hike" I was expecting it to be very short like many of the other games in this bundle. To my surprise and delight I got about 4 hours of gameplay out of it and I still haven't completed everything! I adored the soft story-line and fell in love with all the quirky characters. The attention to detail was amazing I laughed out loud when I accidentally fell in the lake while learning to fish and found that the character was coded to respond to that very scenario. I will definitely recommend this game to my friends!

Very enjoyable. This is my best boy, Smarcus.