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Your voice actor desperately needs a better mic, lol. But other than that, this mod is great! Fun character gimmick and excellent character design.

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Got a couple bug reports for you from testing my resprite for this mod:
- Death sprite always matches the color of the location you're in, regardless of what color you actually are
- Character's loading tips do not appear
- Vibrant Hue has Rainbow Seizure's description (this one only happens sometimes, and I'm unsure why)

Hi there! I don't know if you'd be interested, but right now I'm working on a Chameleon resprite just for fun. Here's the default white idle. I can send you the whole thing when it's done if you wanna see.

This game seems really cute and fun, but the audio on my computer is really laggy and crusty, and it's so bad that I couldn't play for more than three minutes. If anyone knows a solution to this issue I'd love to hear it.

Having an issue today where the game works fine in unpopulated areas, but if I attempt to go to Sewee Bay, it softlocks often and with great enthusiasm- going to either a teal screen or a simple freeze and making an assortment of crackling noises at me.