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i'd just like to say thank you for making and releasing this game. i've been numb the past weeks and i don't know if i'm dealing with any of the stuff this game was created for, but i recognize a lot of these feelings in myself and it brought tears to my eyes when the cage was broken and i came out the other end. it's been a while since i last felt so deeply, and from something not toxic but healing. i never felt the need to make an account until this moment. thank you thank you thank you. you brought light to my world today. and you have to many others. 

as for my three reminders...

1. it's futile to worry pointlessly

2. there is light in this world

3. people are capable of goodness

again, thank you. this game dredged up a whole lot of feelings that i thought i'd never have again, which sounds dramatic, but was how i really felt. i was afraid at first that it would be a scary game or something, but of course it was much different. and the game is aptly named. i really felt that discomfort before breaking out of that cage; it was so vivid and real. i love this and i'm going to remember this in case it's needed again.