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I think i'll finish it in the upcoming 10 years

looking for heads up on how to biuld spectre turret

Thanks for the hot_fix. the version b works great. I can now run it via terminal without issues. Both windowed and fullscreen versions work great. Good job!

trying to run potion_fs or potion_w gives error:"there is no application installed for "shared library" files. Do you want to search for an application to open this file?" , clicking yes redirects to an error message in the software center (where to install stuff via gui). the software center then says " Unfortunately, the application/x-sharedlib file format you were searching for could not be found. Please check out <a href="">this website</a> for more information.
What did you forget to include? sounds like a panacea to compatibility issues :D

tried out on windows and on linux. the latter is lagging like hell. the machine has 16 GiB of Ram, i5 2.6GHz core and GTX 960 graphics card. 
GameDev question: How do you do rendering of those dynamic colours? playing around with lighting or is it texture mapping, or something else?

how to run the game on linux?

V4.0 Thorium, how to get it, how does it look?

the discord link is an expired invite :(

thanks for the input! tried out with firefox, didn't have the same inconvenience. Weird that a plugged in game controller can have such an influence.

LazerGrrl Lite community · Created a new topic bug...

Hello, I've been experiencing this bug with the player one controls , no matter what  red player goes right, I can't  control it.

I've tried out other uploads apart from tis one, 

I've tried rebinding the more right to 'f' , still goes right nonstop. 

Pressing 'go left' does not override, still going right.

using opera, ie doesn't support unity webgl.

I thought I played something similar before, rabbits being a focus for care.
give babies something o play with before their nerve meter goes to zero. massive multitask with a lot of babies. 

Gameplay was easy to understand :)

Those damned babies. this is going to make me want to avoid babies. nasty crawlers

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How does one play with no launcher?

You go to the assets, scene, and then click the only scene around.