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thank you for the reply! otherwise, the story is amazing so far and i love how you can choose how the story progresses, can't wait for more!

Love the games premise and how the first part plays, will the final version (whenever that comes out) be free and have explicit content or will that be behind a paywall?

10/10 i love the artstyle and everything

and why do you say that?

thank you!

i looked through the images and saw car scenes with will, how do i get to that point? i've done everything else i'm pretty sure

i don't know about that but the last update was over 3 years ago now so 

i can't wait for more, gran is my baby

ew don't call me honey, i'm talking about the last PATREON update they had, the last public update was like almost 2 years ago


am I sure what? it's been almost 7 months since the last update and they haven't said anything other then like early November that they were sick

AAH so excited! can't wait for more!

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pretty sad this VN died, been 6 months since any update :/

thanks! i didn't see his message on twitter but this worked <3

i can't seem to play the chapter properly? i get an error "ScriptError:could not label 'b1c8p3skip'. idk how to fix this since i've reinstalled twice but any help would be appreciated

yeah it sucks

im pretty sure theres going to be those paths in the future

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finally a new(ish) VN that's still being updated!

edit: i'm pretty sure it's on hiatus


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the back and forth argument and hate between The Echo Project and the creators of Far Beyond The World 

a lot of people spammed reports on each game and it slowed down progress for both devs

can't wait for future updates, it's really great!

thanks after playing it this makes more sense 

thank you

where in the timeline is this in relation to khemia and adastra?

hopefully, but with all the issues happening atm it's probably not going to be continued

it was honestly great!

hyped for the next update, glad to see your still enjoying fleshing out gerdalt's backstory

true! getting horny of niece and uncle sex noises is weird, but this is a NSFW VN about being horribly horny so.

yeah they made a post on their patreon that they got sick and that game update progress was slow bc of it ;-;

i hope you are good, last i heard you were sick :<

that's all i the info i can really give lol, dowloaded like usual and extracted it but it wouldn't launch, older versions did just not the most recent one


couldn't launch the game weirdly

GUYS castr these last couple months have been sick and busy with life, they said on patreon.

it's great!

decent game

can't wait for the next update

i love this so much, and how everyone is so horny it's funny af lol

thank you <3

when the game is completed will it be free or paid? this game gives me "Coming out on top" vibes where they were originally going to be free and were free when they came out but people liked the artwork so much that they made it P2P.