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I want to play this game so desperately, but I can't open the jewelry box! I have the code right, but nothing happens.

Oh, I got it! Thanks for your help :)

Yes, it says it's too heavy to move! I'm not sure what I can use to make it easier :/

 This is such a fun little puzzle! Unfortunately I can't complete it as I am struggling with moving the wax star and there are no hints about that particular task. 

"One must imagine Sisyphus typing." - not Albert Camus.

I love the atmosphere! It might be a bit easier if descending directly up or down was made faster as I found I could not avoid obstacles and reach air bubbles fast enough.

Very cute! I did notice that after reaching the first island/passing the first level, my seagull was hidden behind the island and it played splashing animations instead of flying. This didn't affect gameplay though! Love the background too :)

thank you for your service jimathon 

Made some very unsettling music with this! Super cool concept.

I'm a bit stuck. I've gotten as far as giving the ring to those two girls and going up the staircase. I can't figure out what to do next. Great game though! I'm having lots of fun playing it :)

Tell me why I spent so long fishing for actual lungs LMAO I had lots of fun playing this game :) As other people have mentioned, it is quite annoying when a treehugger spawns right above the boat as we are fishing because there is no chance of getting away. Sometimes I wasn't able to cast my fishing rod so I had to row away from the bubbles and then row back. Other than those two bugs, this was a cool little game with a unique concept and beautifully executed.

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You have to tell him to saw his hand off