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I understand, but.. well, I'm not the commenting type but I've been waiting for two years too, and life was going on and I forgot about projects I'm following, just checking like four or five time a year, so I didn't feel like it was that much hard to wait. I didn't mean to offend people who care more than me and want some news, but I was sad, always seeing comments of people wondering how it's going, losing hope, and the more radio silence goes on, the harder it must be for the Agashi to come back and say something, I just wanted to bright all this a little, I meant it like a cheering on to stay patient after all this time we waited already, not like an attack , sorry if it looked like that.

Right! we're waiting, just relax and make the game you'll be proud of!

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Hey, just wait a little! we waited for so long because Agashi wants to finish a game wich she's proud of, we waited and life goes on, but from time to time we come back and I'm sure we'll see that the game is released, and seriously, it looks just awesome, the demo still had a few correction needed but Agashi is probably conscious of that and rewrote much more than a few details, so let's continue and indulge ourselves playing it once it's ready