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Oh hey sorry I didn't notice your comment, I'm guessing you mean the fact that when you lose health, it shows as a color instead of just disappearing right away. That amount of health lost can be used to trigger special powers (by pressing V on keyboard or X on a controller). When triggering a power it will actually eat away that color bar. So by losing health you're actually converting it to power :)

Hello! I don't know much if that makes sense but are you planning on updating this soundtrack with the new music that has been added to the game since? I'm especially thinking about it because of the Deep Jungle update that just happened. That would be really cool :)

Thanks for making such a great game and for this great soundtrack!

Really cool game, some Celeste vibes to it, great graphics and music. I would have liked alternatives controls, especially since hitting space bar repeatedly was noisy and exhausting on my old keyboard. Congrats!

Excellent game! I've been looking for some time to compose music like the one in this game, but I can't seem to get many references, mostly because I can't name this genre. The whole basis of the genre (according to me), would be the high pitched mysterious pads, but I don't know how to name or synthesize them (I'm pretty bad at synths). I would be ever so grateful if you gave out tips about how you composed this music and if you synthesised the pad from scratch, how you did that.

For reference, here's another music which features the sounds I'm looking for:


Fantasy consoles are made-up hardware, here's a list of fantasy consoles:

Take a look at a few of them and you'll probably understand what this is all about.

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Disclaimer: I haven't finished yet, I'm probably around 8 hours in.

This game is wonderful, it's fully and well voiced, it has a beautiful art direction (obviously for such a concept), it has really nice characters with pretty deep narratives (K&K and surroundings was such a fresh approach to conflict within video game narrative design for instance), it throws me back to some Oblivion feels (which is one of my favourite games ever), it's actually full of content (I didn't expect as much), and it has a nice and subtle sense of humour.

It has literally one downside (and I decided not to take it into account in my rating): performance and stability are pretty terrible. I think I counted something like a dozen crashes in a day's worth of playing (at least it autosaves on every conversation, otherwise I'd have cried a lot). As for performance, I keep getting hitches and low framerates on decent hardware, and my friends who've played the game report the same problems.

EDIT: I've finished the game and I have to reiterate, this game is brilliant. After some updates by the devs, the game isn't as buggy and poor performing as it used to be. I simply cannot wait to see more, I'm hooked :)

Haha c'est énorme, j'aime beaucoup le délire low-fi réfléchi, et l'humour est au top, tu devrais te faire un patreon ou accepter les paiements sur si tu continues à nous pondre des trucs aussi cool :D